Just how dangerous are the roads in Florida? The good news is that Florida did not make the list for major increases in vehicular crash deaths in the last three years. Even with that being the case, Florida still sees more than its share of car accidents, and since 2015 deaths on Florida roadways have increased.

Florida Remains in the Top on Auto Accident Statistics

Despite the nationwide falling number of deaths, Florida remains one of the top states for auto accidents. A report updated in August of 2017 shows Florida to be the state with the most crashes, more than double the amount of other states.

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) collects and researches information about traffic accidents in order to help lawmakers, stakeholders, citizens and others aware of the traffic facts, in the hope of creating safer roads for everyone. This information is used to help with policy decision making and public safety education.

What’s Driving the Accident Rate?

Though strides have been made with campaigns against drunk driving, alcohol and/or drugs still account for the majority of vehicular accidents. Despite the harsh consequences of DUI, people continue to drive after indulging.

Distracted driving is the second most cited cause of car crashes. Warnings have not deterred people from texting, scrolling or taking pictures while driving. Even though it is illegal to drive and text, just like driving while intoxicated, there are those who ignore the law and put lives in danger.

Other causes contributing to the high auto accident statistics in Florida are speeding, driving while fatigued and bad weather. There are drivers whose carelessness or lack of common sense contributes to the grim statistics.

Be Part of the Solution

Every Floridian can be part of the solution to lowering auto accident statistics in Florida by following the rules of the road and paying attention to their driving habits. Don’t drive when you are over-tired. Fatigued driving is just as hazardous as driving while intoxicated. Speaking of intoxication, buzzed driving is still drunk driving. People don’t realize how their reflexes are impacted with just a little alcohol. Texting or fiddling with any device – including in-car infotainment devices – is distracting and can be fatal.

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