car safety checks

Whether you are about to launch out on a road trip or just take a jaunt to the store, you should keep safety in mind to make sure you get to and from your destination without accident or incident. With just a few simple car safety checks you can breathe a little easier.

While Your Car is Still Under Warranty
Always be sure to check your tires. Just looking at your tires won’t tell you if they are properly inflated or not. You can use a tire gauge to check tire pressure or if you have a dashboard tire-pressure warning light, be sure to pay attention to it. The radial tires used on cars always look a little flat. The tread splays out for better traction on the road. If your car has run-flat tires, they could appear inflated even if they are not fully inflated.

Headlights are vital for night driving. Even brand-new cars can have headlights that are not the best. Make sure both headlights are working before heading out in the dark or during rain. Check the rear lights also. A sudden stop could end up in a rear end collision if your back lights aren’t working.

Be sure to get any leaks looked at and addressed right away. You’ll always have condensation from the air conditioning and that’s harmless; however other leaks such as brake fluid, antifreeze or transmission fluid could lead to serious problems. If you’re going on a trip or it’s been a while since you’ve had your fluids checked, get it done.

Make sure your windshield wipers are in working condition.  Not only do you want to make sure that they work, check to see that they are actually cleaning the glass and not smearing it. If it rains while you’re on the road, you need to be able to see clearly, or else you need to pull over until the rain stops.

Pay attention to the warning lights on your dashboard. While it may be tempting to ignore a warning light, doing so could cause serious harm to your car and it could put you at peril. All major systems have warning lights. Take care of whatever system is showing a problem as soon as possible.

Safety Checks for Older Cars
In addition to the car safety checks listed above, there are additional things to be aware of on older vehicles. Car batteries don’t really last forever and if yours is old it could leave you stranded. Depending on where that happens it could be a serious problem. Get your battery checked and make sure it’s in good condition. Check the cables also for corrosion.

Besides making sure your tires are inflated properly, on older cars you also need to check the tread. Thin, worn out tread is not safe. A blowout on the highway could end in a serious accident. If your tread does not come at least to Lincoln’s head when you place a penny in the groove, then you need to replace your tire.

Older cars use hydraulic fluid and belts in the steering systems. These need to be checked from time to time. When the fluid level is low the power steering can become nearly impossible to manage making turns extremely difficult.

Car Safety Checks Can Save a Life
When you think about what could happen as a result of not doing car safety checks, you realize how important they are. Lack of brake fluid could have dire outcomes when you’re on a decline. Forget about a quick swerve out of the way if your power steering fluid is low.  More than one nighttime head-on collision has been due to a driver not realizing that the oncoming vehicle was a car and not a motorcycle. It’s difficult enough to see when it’s raining, but if your wipers aren’t working properly you risk hitting the car in front of you or possibly a pedestrian if you can’t see well enough.

Don’t take unnecessary chances. Check these simple things and if there is a problem, take care of it as soon as you can. Be a safe driver and help make the road safer for others.

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