Fortunately, we Floridians don’t usually need to worry about dealing with the snow. We do, however, have our fair share of rain, and this can cause roads to be hazardous. Is it possible that rain tires can make our travels safer during wet weather?

Traction Is Key

Driving in the rain can be a very nerve-wracking experience, particularly if you are not used to doing so. Besides compromised visibility during rainy weather, there is the possibility of hydroplaning if you hit areas where water has collected. Safe driving in the rain then becomes about traction. The more tire surface that is in contact with the pavement, the safer you are.

In the case of hydroplaning, large areas of water can cause the tires to lose contact with the road completely, and the result is similar to driving on ice. This is the cause of many accidents during rainstorms. If the tires have not been well-maintained or you are traveling at speeds too high for the tires to adequately scatter the water, hydroplaning can occur, causing you to lose traction.

The Rain Groove

Tires have become more specialized, ever since radials hit the market. In the long list of tires created for different road conditions is the tire designed for wet weather. This tire has what’s called the rain groove. This groove pulls water away from the tire, so more traction is created as the tire rolls along wet roads, which reduces the chance of hydroplaning.

All-Season Tires

Florida has a temperate climate, so our seasons don’t usually swing in extremes. This makes choosing an all-season tire a reasonable decision. These types of tires provide enough traction in rainy weather, and they work well on dry roads, too. Since specialty tires are designed to address particular weather or road conditions, their efficiency outside those particular conditions is often limited. All-season tires generally don’t have those issues. They are designed to work well under all conditions, including wet roads.

Are Rain Tires Necessary?

What it really boils down to is safe driving. When the roads are wet, take extra precautions. Pull off the road, if necessary. Pay attention to the cars around you when driving in rain, and drive at a safe speed. No type of tires can compensate for unsafe driving during wet weather or during any other circumstances.

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