Like many other states, Florida has “no-fault” car insurance. What this means is that in the event of an accident, no matter who caused it, your insurance will help pay for your medical costs as well as those of your passenger. This type of insurance is also called personal injury protection insurance, or PIP. The PIP law was designed to help make the process of determining fault for accidents less problematic. Currently, over a dozen states require no-fault insurance. Florida is one of those states.

The Problem with PIP

Car insurance can be costly. In fact, Florida’s car insurance premiums are the 5th highest, with residents paying an average of $1,696 per year. Some residents feel that the PIP requirement amounts to “double taxation.” Many people carry health insurance, such as Medicare, which would cover medical expenses in the event of an accident, where injuries would require treatment. To pay for PIP coverage on top of that is arguably redundant and more costly.

The Case for Keeping PIP Law

There are others, including Gov. Rick Scott, who would like to give the reforms ample time to work. Hospitals and insurers are also in favor of keeping the PIP law. PIP insurance provides funds for treatment, so you don’t have to endure the stress of waiting to find out who’s at fault for the accident, and which insurance company should pay.

Most regular healthcare insurance policies do not come with disability insurance. Less than half of all private industry workers have some type of short-term disability insurance. What PIP does, through the lost wages portion, is provide some measure of financial relief, while the injured person recovers.

The court system does not get full of long drawn-out cases that are not that serious. The PIP law eliminates the need to sue another driver for injuries that are not as severe. This makes room for those with severe injuries to have their court cases tried more quickly and with more efficiency.

To Drop or Not to Drop, That Is the Question

Even though there are some good reasons to keep the PIP law on the books, making it mandatory, in many cases, may not make sense.

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