What’s your favorite car color and why? When you choose a color for your car, it can have an impact on a variety of outcomes. Color choice may not seem important beyond your own color preferences. There are some factors you may wish to consider before settling on a particular color.

Resale Value and Car Color

When it comes time to trade in or trade up, you may fare better with a more standard color for your car. Black, silver and white vehicles often have better returns than other colors. The fad colors that are here today and gone tomorrow usually have the lowest returns. If that fancy color is dropped before you are ready to trade in your car, it could prove to be a financial liability, lowering the value of your car by a few hundred dollars.

Safety Concerns and the Color for Your Car

White has been the most popular car color worldwide for a long time and remains number one. Even though car color has no effect on insurance rates, it seems as though white cars are less likely to be involved in car accidents. They have high visibility during daylight, dusk, and dawn.

Compare that to black vehicles, which, according to a European study, are nearly 50% more likely to be involved in accidents. The study spanned 20 years and involved over 800,000 car accidents. Black cars do not have a high level of visibility that white vehicles do. This is especially true at night. If you’re concerned about safety, black may not be the color to choose.

You may be wondering about other colors. Where do they rate on the spectrum of color-influenced accidents? Other low-visibility colors are dark blue, silver and gray. These colors, however, are still involved in fewer accidents than black.

Car Color and Aesthetics

Choosing white as the color for your car for safety reasons makes sense. In addition, scratches are less likely to show on white or light-colored vehicles. Dirt doesn’t show as much on a light colored car, either. Scratches on darker colored cars usually appear as white marks. Even dents are likely to be more noticeable on darker cars than lighter ones.

Color and the Cops

Most people believe a fancy red sports car is the most likely type of car to be pulled over by law enforcement. In reality, a recent study proved that to be a myth. That safe, white car is the one that will get pulled over first. Red cars come in second, with gray and silver taking third and fourth place respectively. However, if you are a law-abiding citizen and a safe driver, choosing a color for your car won’t impact your driving record.

The bottom line? You need to be happy with the color of your car. If you are a safe, defensive driver, color won’t matter that much. Being in the know about how color affects resale value, safety, and visibility is helpful if you are undecided about the color.

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