Being in an accident is bad enough. Whether it’s a vehicle accident, a slip, and fall or some other kind of injury, you and your family have to deal with the aftermath, and it can be devastating. The onslaught of medical bills after the injury is nothing short of adding insult to injury.

When PIP Isn’t Enough

In the case of a vehicle accident, Florida’s no-fault rule ensures every motorist on the road carries personal injury protection or PIP. This is good as far as it goes, but with the cost of medical care, it doesn’t stretch very far. In the case of accidents, more than likely, it won’t cover all the medical bills incurred.

Florida offers motorists the option of Med-Pay to go along with PIP. If you’ve chosen this option, you can have your copays and deductibles paid by using it. It will pay for medical expenses above the $10,000 PIP payments. If you don’t have this supplemental insurance, your health insurance may cover the remainder of your medical bills.

Even though your health insurance may pay expenses not covered by PIP, if you receive a settlement for the accident, you can expect your insurance company to be standing by to be reimbursed for their payout. They may be able to claim reimbursement from your settlement or from the insurance company of the person at fault for the accident.

Recovering Expenses from the Other Driver

When the accident is not your fault, you may be able to get your expenses paid by the other driver’s insurance company, provided he or she has insurance. Medical bills can be paid through recovery or a settlement. The challenge is paying the medical bills while waiting for the case to be finalized. Realistically, money from a settlement or trial can take a long time. It doesn’t happen overnight and, in the case of a trial, it could be years before you see anything.

Get Guidance Before Sending Medical Bill Claims

Seek medical attention right away, and make sure you let your doctors know you’ve been in an accident. Document everything. Contact a lawyer with personal injury experience before you make any claims to your health insurance provider. Your lawyer will advise you on who needs to pay for your medical bills.

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