There is a new design in bike helmets. The Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) is a new design in bike helmets that is said to reduce rotational forces resulting from certain types of impacts. This system is called slip-plane technology.

Bike Accident Impact

There are two main types of impact associated with bicycle accidents. One is linear and the other is rotational. Bike accidents usually involve a combination of these two forces. The slip-plane technology of the MIPS bike helmets addresses rotational forces and is said to reduce these forces during some types of impact.

The MIPS Technology

This new design, simply put, acts as an additional skull around your head. The rotational forces exerted on the skull, in the event of an accident, may cause the brain to twist within the skull, causing brain trauma. The slip-plane technology adds another layer of protection, absorbing some of the rotational energy, which, in turn, causes less damage to the brain in the event of an impact that involves rotational forces.

Testing by Snell

The Snell Foundation is one of the most highly respected organizations for bike helmet safety awareness. If you have a helmet with a Snell sticker on it, you know you have one that meets and exceeds safety requirements. The Snell Foundation did testing on the MIPS helmet and did not find any significant difference; however, testing is still being done with plans to use better simulations of what a human head actually goes through in an impact that includes rotational forces.

MIPS did have representation at the testing, and the representative did respond that testing done in Sweden showed improvement in protection. He promised that more realistic testing will be done here as well.

According to the Snell Foundation, the important thing with a bike helmet is to make sure it slides smoothly during impact and does not stick. A round, smooth outer shell helps absorb some of the forces the brain would otherwise feel on impact.

Many companies are including the MIPS technology in their helmet designs. The important thing to remember is that bike helmets protect your head in the event of an accident, and, though they may not prevent brain trauma altogether, they can at least mitigate it. Don’t ride your bike without a properly certified bike helmet and be a good role model for your kids.

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