Each day, we take a lot for granted without even realizing it. Thursday, March 15, 2018, was the day of the Florida International University pedestrian bridge collapse. This newly installed structure was up only five days before falling and taking six lives. No one suspected, on that day of celebration, that less than a week would pass before this structure would fail.

The Investigation Continues

So far, there has been no conclusive cause of this tragedy. While investigators with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) are looking for the cause of the bridge failure, law enforcement officials are seeking to identify the parties responsible for the collapse.

The cause of the collapse is obviously not an easy thing to figure out. In fact, there may not be a single cause but rather a few unfortunate circumstances that combined to create a situation in which the structure was doomed.

New Variation on an Old Theme

The FIU pedestrian bridge was created by one of the nation’s top bridge designers. This was not a suspension bridge but a new variation on an old-fashioned truss design. As investigators continue to search for answers, families affected by the tragedy work to pick up the pieces of their lives and make some kind of sense out of this.

Lessons to Learn

The men and women who contributed to the design and construction of the FIU pedestrian bridge will certainly learn some lessons in what to do and what not do as the investigations of the bridge collapse continue, throughout the following months. Hopefully, the essence of those lessons learned will carry on to others who play vital roles in developing and implementing the infrastructure we depend on.

Unfortunately, there is little a person can actually do to protect themselves or loved ones from something as unpredictable and tragic as a bridge collapse. It hardly makes sense to lose all faith in the infrastructure we depend on every day. There are things that happen over which we have no control. What does make sense is realizing that since it is a stark reality of life, we should take fewer things for granted. It’s been said many times before: No one is guaranteed tomorrow or even the next moment.

For all of us, one of the deep lessons to be learned is to appreciate those we care about and let them know on a regular basis how much we care; you never know when you are saying your last goodbye.

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