Living with a disability carries with it a set of challenges, most of which are overcome through patience, as you learn to make adjustments in the way you do things. Personal grooming is one of these challenges. Depending on the disability, this challenge can be conquered in a few different ways.

Enlisting the Help of Others

It can be frustrating, needing to lean on the help of others to do things you once did for yourself. Caregivers may feel challenged, too, trying to give gentle, comfortable care under difficult circumstances. The important thing to remember is that patience is required on all fronts. It will take time for the person with the disability to get used to being cared for in this way, and it may take the caretaker some time to get a handle on the best way to do things unless you’ve enlisted the help of a professional.

Exploring Personal Grooming Equipment

There are modified tools available to help with personal care. For people who have the ability and drive to assume as much as their own personal grooming as possible, special equipment will help tremendously. Such devices as a toothpaste squeezer can make it easier to perform personal hygiene without help.

Lotion applicators are good for those people who are not able to bend over to reach their legs or who have a very limited range of motion in their shoulders. If you have problems holding a hair dryer, there are stands that will make the job easier.

There are even hair shampoos that do not require water. You wash your hair with the shampoo and it evaporates with no rinsing. Your hair smells fresh and clean. There are also long-handled hair brushes for those who have limited mobility of their arms. For those who have problems with their fingers and a difficult time holding a hairbrush, hand clips are available. These devices adhere to the handle of the brush allowing you to use it without the need to grip the handle.

Accessing Personal Grooming Aids

Many devices and types of equipment for personal grooming are available in medical supply stores. If you don’t have access to such a store, you can find just about any type of equipment or device you may require online.  If you are working with a healthcare provider or physical therapist, ask about what kinds of items may be helpful. Your doctor or therapist will most likely have recommendations that will help you with all your personal grooming needs.

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