Truck drivers are subjected to a lot of stressors, which most regular drivers do not have to contend. Also, because the job is all about driving on the highways, truck drivers must be healthy enough to operate their vehicles safely. All truck drivers must meet certain medical qualifications, however, those who cross state lines with their driving also must have a medical card, which they carry with them at all times.

DOT Requirements for Truck Drivers

You must have good blood pressure. If it’s a little high, you may receive a temporary certificate. Oral medications are allowed, however, if your blood pressure is over 180/110, you cannot drive a truck. Oral medications are also allowed for diabetes, but if you take insulin by injection, you will be disqualified. Your A1C Test for blood sugar needs to be below 10 percent.

Your heart must be in good shape. An annual stress test and physician’s release is required for anyone who has had cardiac issues. You cannot have any current diagnosis of heart issues, including congestive heart failure, cardiac insufficiency or collapse.

Sleep apnea will disqualify you unless you can demonstrate it is under control. You will need to have an annual sleep study as well as a release from your doctor.

Vision and hearing are very important. You will need to have 20/40 correctable vision in each eye. You are allowed to wear eyeglasses or contacts to correct vision. Hearing aids are also permitted as long as you can meet the hearing requirement of being able to hear a forced whisper in at least one ear from more than five feet away.

If you are missing a limb or have had recent surgery, you may not be eligible to get clearance from the Department of Transportation. If you have a current hernia you also may not get clearance.

Non-DOT Requirements

The Department of Transportation can be pretty stringent with their requirements. You also need to be aware of the fact that each trucking company may also have requirements you will need to meet. You can expect to have to do some fairly heavy lifting from time to time. Some companies will have you test for specific strength requirements.

Truck driving requires that you be seated for extended periods of time. If you are planning on being an over-the-road driver, you can expect to be seated for hours on end. Being in good physical shape is important for some drivers, as they must climb on top of loads, handle large tarps, and load and unload freight.

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