Like oil and water, problems with the road and motorcycles don’t mix. In fact, it can be a dangerous situation for cyclists, depending on the extent of the problem. Anticipating issues is one thing. When construction areas are clearly marked, or bumps in the road are pointed out, the motorcycle driver can expect to maneuver around or through affected areas. Unexpected debris on the road or newly developed potholes is another thing.

Always Be Alert

Motorcyclists need to stay alert at all times. Unlike a car that can manage potholes fairly easily, the motorcycle has to avoid these dangers. Potholes in the road can break axles, flatten tires and put cars out of alignment. A motorcycle hitting a pothole can put the driver in imminent danger.

Inclement weather can add to the problem of defects in the road. A wet road may seem smooth; however, it could be pitted with potholes that are filled with rainwater. Riding on two wheels, as opposed to four, on loose gravel can also be problematic, especially for the beginner on a motorcycle.

Motorcycle-Friendly Roads

Roadways are ideally constructed with all types of vehicles in mind, including motorcycles. As more people take to riding motorcycles, it becomes even more important to not only have decent roads for them but to keep existing roads in optimum shape.

In some countries, road safety for motorcycles is a top priority. Florida is a state with a very high population of motorcycles. We also have the highest rate for motorcycle accidents, and, of course, there are several factors involved in each those tragedies.

For the most part, Florida roads are good for motorcycles. That said, cyclists need to be on the lookout for hazardous road conditions. Loose gravel, sometimes used during road construction, is a concern for the motorcycle. Rough roadways, whether due to road resurfacing, construction or just poorly maintained roads, are not good surfaces for motorcycles. The gaps caused by expansion joints and open bridge joints are also potential sources of danger for the motorcycle driver.

Keeping motorcycles safe on the road is an issue everyone needs to be aware of, not just the motorcyclists. The motorcycle driver needs to stay alert and ready to deal with defects in the road; other drivers also need to be aware that defects in the road can cause problems for motorcyclists and they need to drive carefully when they see a motorcycle.

Motorcycle accidents can alter a person’s life dramatically, whether caused by defects in the road or a negligent driver. Frohlich, Gordon & Beason, P.A., are specialists in personal injury law, helping those who have been wrongfully injured recover losses. If you have a personal injury case, we invite you to take advantage of our complimentary initial consultation. Contact us for more information. We proudly serve the southwest Florida areas of Englewood, North Port, and Port Charlotte.