Construction areas are by nature dangerous places with hazards lurking around every corner. Even when proper precautions are taken, accidents still happen. Bystander accidents happen due to a variety of circumstances. In some cases, the accident is one that couldn’t be avoided, for one reason or another, but in others, it’s evident the accident never should have happened.

Be Aware of the Hazards

For safety reasons, individuals who are not working at the site should avoid being on or around the construction site, if possible. This is not always possible. You may live or work next door to one, or your kids may have to walk past one on their way to school. When you can’t avoid being around a construction site, knowing some of the possible hazards may help you avoid being a victim of a bystander accident.

Vehicles – Getting hit by a vehicle is one of the most common accidents. There are significant blind spots on constructions vehicles. Cranes, bulldozers, trucks and a variety of other vehicles are all potential hazards for the bystander. Stay clear, and don’t take any chances walking or driving close behind any of these vehicles.

Falling Objects – When buildings are going up, the likelihood of something falling down also goes up. It isn’t only a matter of someone dropping an object. The wind is a factor and, in some instances, the wind has caused serious damage to people by knocking over scaffolding. Falling objects can cause traumatic brain injuries or death.

Slips and Falls – Construction sites have a lot of things lying around. Tools, construction materials, debris, and equipment could all possibly contribute to a slip and fall.  Falls are a significant cause of traumatic brain injuries.

Hazardous Materials – Where hazardous materials producing smoke are used, bystander accidents could result in damage to the face, eyes or lungs.

Constant Noise Pollution – Some construction sites produce loud noise constantly. In some cases, such noise pollution has resulted in ruptured eardrums. Construction site workers have the gear to protect their hearing. Bystanders may not be so fortunate.

Be Proactive in Preventing Bystander Accidents

Construction is going to happen. When it happens near your home or workplace, there are things you can do to protect yourself. One of the main things is to avoid being on or around the site, when possible. Be aware of the possible hazards and take precautions. Avoid the bystander accidents that don’t have to happen, like walking behind a construction vehicle that’s about to back up, or walking around scaffolding on a windy day. Even in a best-case scenario, there’s only so much a construction company can do to make the site safe. The rest is up to common sense and prudence.

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