Medical expenses, living expenses, pain, and suffering can all start adding up big time when you’ve been injured in an accident. The fallout from such a life-changing event not only affects you but those around you as well. Hiring the right personal injury (PI) attorney to handle the situation is vital.

When you elect to sue for compensation, it is very important that you have a legal representative who will fight for you and stand with you through the entire ordeal. You also want a PI attorney who has your best interest in mind and who cares about you and your situation. The questions you ask in that initial consultation should give you an idea about the law firm and attorney you will be working with. Here are some of the most important questions to ask:

  • May I see your credentials? You are hiring this person to represent you. You have the right to ask to see credentials. The PI attorney may even go further and share his or her peer ratings with you. The Martindale-Hubbell Bar Registry keeps a database of well over one million lawyers throughout the U.S. on file. This organization has been one of the most respected authorities for reliable information about the legal community. Find out if your attorney is active in any trial lawyer associations. Remember, there’s a difference between an active member and dues paying member. Also, ask if the PI attorney is active in his or her community. One who gives back to the community is preferable over one who does not.

  • Do you try cases in court? Not all PI attorneys have a track record of taking cases to jury trials. Lawyers who have extensive experience in taking personal injury cases into court are known to the insurance companies, who will adjust their risk accordingly. When your lawyer is one known for putting up a good fight in court, you are more likely to get fully compensated for your losses.

  • What percentage of your cases are referrals from other lawyers? Like any profession, peers know who’s good and who’s not so good. PI attorneys are not any different. They will make referrals among themselves just as other groups do. It’s a good sign if the lawyer you are considering is well respected among his or her peers.

  • What will my expenses be? Most PI attorneys have contingency cases which means that they don’t get paid unless your case wins; however, there are additional costs for which you may be responsible. So there are no surprises whether you win or lose the case, your PI attorney needs to be upfront with you about additional fees that your case may incur.

  • Have you handled cases like mine before? In order to get the best representation, you should look for a PI attorney who has had experience handling cases like yours. Lawyers experienced in similar cases have a better idea of the roadblocks and challenges that your case may present.

While these are just a few of the top questions you should ask a potential PI attorney, it is important for you to do your homework so you can be adequately represented. The attorneys at Frohlich, Gordon & Beason, P.A., are experienced PI attorneys who have specialized in personal injury cases for years. Contact us at (941) 979-9010 for more information. Your initial consultation is complimentary. For your convenience we have locations in North Port, Englewood and Port Charlotte to serve the southwest Florida area.