While you may never need to worry about having a car crash into your home, it does happen and to some people, it has happened more than once. If this unfortunate event should ever happen to you, would you know what to do?

Personal Injury and Property Damage

When a car crashes into a home, there may be two things involved. Personal injury, in the event, that someone was injured as a result of the crash, and, of course, property damage. Occupants of the home and the driver and passengers of the car should be checked for injuries. If anyone is hurt because of the crash, it is important to call 911 and get help immediately.  Let the dispatcher know you are calling because a car crashed into your home.

Gather Information

The vehicle may be in your living room, but this still counts as a vehicle accident, as far as the driver is concerned, so you need to gather the driver’s information. You will need the name, contact information, license number, and insurance information. As for your insurance, you will need to contact your homeowners’ insurance company. They will need to send an adjuster to assess the damages. This may not happen until after a police report is filed.

Take pictures of the accident for documentation. You will want to make sure you keep track of everything. This includes information and receipts from the doctors and the hospital if anyone is seen or admitted. Good documentation will help move things along smoothly if the case needs to go to court.

What Happens After a Car Crashes into Your Home

Depending on the extent of the damage, you may need to find another place to stay until repairs can be made. Damage to walls and foundation present a safety hazard. Your insurance company may help with the cost of alternate housing for a while. Be sure to ask if this is included in your coverage.

The driver of the car is liable and will need to pay property damage. This may or may not be enough to cover the damages to your home.  In the event the driver of the vehicle is uninsured, you may need to cover a portion of the cost yourself. Many homeowners’ policies have a “covered peril” listing. While this may cover most of the damages, you will still need to pay the deductible.

Odds are most likely in your favor, and you will never see someone’s vehicle in your living room or kitchen. Still, it is a good idea to read over your homeowners’ policy so you are familiar with the small print and you know what to expect should the unexpected happen.

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