Today’s world is full of so much to take in and process. People are becoming more stressed, more depressed and yet more hopeful once they figure out how to overcome the negatives. In honor of World Mental Health Day, we’ve searched for easy stress relievers to help you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  1. Exercise – This well-known stress reliever has helped many a person overcome anxiety and feelings of stress. Exercise produces endorphins, which help you feel happier. Get up, get out and move your body as you celebrate World Mental Health Day.
  2. Do Something Nice for Someone Else – Helping out another person also has an effect on the brain, producing happy hormones similar to what you experience from exercise. Not only will the other person benefit from your actions, you’ll feel better, also. Just make sure it’s an activity you enjoy doing and something you really want to do, otherwise, the effects are minimal.
  3. Pet an Animal – You are fortunate if you already have a pet to come home to. If you’re feeling stressed, take some time out to give undivided attention to your pet. This will help calm you down and relieve some of that tension. World Mental Health Day is the perfect day to show your appreciation for how good your pet is for your own mental health.
  4. Indulge in Your Hobby – People who have hobbies have an automatic stress-buster. Whether it’s painting, making cards, welding or tinkering on cars, make time for your hobby. Spending time doing something you enjoy is a great way to relieve stress.
  5. Listen to Relaxing Music – Not everyone is aware of the power of music on our moods. Listening to relaxing music can make all the difference. Remember, the term relaxing music is relative. While some individuals will relax most to classical instrumental music, there will be others who relax best to country and western, or opera, or jazz or bluegrass. Find the music that brings you joy.
  6. Take a Forest Bath – What? Haven’t heard of forest bathing? It’s the translation of a Japanese term for a relaxing walk in the woods. It really does help relieve stress. Eat healthy foods, exercise, get plenty of rest and go forest bathing for a better life.
  7. Watch a Good Comedy – Laughter is the best medicine. A good belly laugh produces those endorphins that are so good for us. Allow yourself the luxury of laughing, and, at the end of the show, you will feel much better.
  8. Spend Time With Friends or Family – This suggestion only works when the friends or family you choose are those who bring joy and laughter in your life. You don’t want to spend hours rehashing the negatives over and over again. Spend time with those who bring light into your life.
  9. Watch Funny Baby Videos – Who doesn’t like cute babies? There may be some people who don’t, but immersing yourself in the hilarious expressions babies make and the goofy things little kids do can take the edge off a grueling day. What better way to celebrate World Mental Health Day.
  10. Journal Gratitude – Life can be awful sometimes, and we are all good at acknowledging this. Most of us can use more practice in acknowledging gratitude. Even when things look bleak, there are things to be grateful for. Write about these things, and you may find that black cloud of stress lifting off your shoulders.

Stress has a negative effect on your body and your mind. Finding ways to control or limit your stress are important before it takes a serious toll on you. If it gets too far out of hand, you may want to seek professional help.

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