The Sunshine State has so much to offer its residents. We don’t have to worry about traipsing out into the cold blustery snow to have a romantic evening out, so we should all be taking advantage of the great places available for romance and affairs of the heart. Romance is more than just dinner and a movie! There are a variety of places that fit the bill; we have some suggestions to get you thinking.

Beyond the Restaurants

There is something magical about food that enhances everything from board meetings to marriage proposals. So, of course, a beautiful, romantic restaurant with just the right ambiance is always high on the list of places to go for a special time. But, think beyond the restaurant. What about a romantic picnic at a park or better yet, on a beach? Pack the champagne glasses, bring a delectable cheese, some wine –  it doesn’t have to be alcoholic – strawberries or grapes. Top it off with a volume of love poems, read out loud in your most romantic voice.

The Quiet, Reflective Date

Looking for great places for a low key date that will make an impression for a long time to come? Then it’s time to take to the water. Pack a blanket, some snacks or a meal and head to the beach. If you go later in the day, you can stake your place and watch the sunset. Use this time to get to know one another on a deeper basis. Talk about the things that are important to both of you. Stroll along the beach together under the stars. A romantic trip to the beach is always a winner.

Dance the Night Away

Southwest Florida has great places for all types of dancing. Get your groove on at one of the many clubs available. You can enjoy line dancing, salsa, ballroom or more. Whatever your desire, you’ll find a club to satisfy it. Dancing releases the feel-good hormones, so your evening will end on an upbeat note. Get the feet moving and the blood flowing. No matter your age, dancing is always a fun, romantic way to spend an evening together.

Great Places to Explore Together

There are so many things to do in southwest Florida as a couple. Exploring together can bring you closer to one another, as you share unique experiences. For example, have you ever watched the manatees? There is something so peaceful and serene about these sea creatures.  Or perhaps you’d rather swim with the dolphins. Discover something new the two of you can share together.

Let the Kids Out

There’s a new term out – it’s called “adulting” and while it’s a term mostly used by millennials, it defines what most grown people do all the time. If you and your sweetheart spend most of your days “adulting,” let your inner kids out; go have some fun! Sometimes, the most romantic evenings are the ones when you get to go play. Whether it’s at an arcade, bowling or miniature golf, leave behind the serious, grown-up aspects of life for a few hours and enjoy being a kid at heart.

We hope these ideas about great places to visit help get you thinking about ways to make an effort to enjoy some special, romantic time with the person you love. At Frohlich, Gordon & Beason, P.A., we are always looking for ways to help the people in our community improve and enjoy their lives. Contact us if you are in need of legal assistance regarding personal injury. We proudly serve those residing in Port Charlotte, North Port, Englewood, and the southwest Florida area.