When it’s all said and done, what people value most are the relationships they share with the ones they love. Memories of good times carry us through the bad times, and there is a great satisfaction to be had in creating special memories with your loved ones. For many families, time spent working together to help others or give back to the community ranks high among their best memories. Family volunteer week presents a perfect opportunity for families to create these lasting memories.

There are many ways in which families can serve together to make a difference in their community. Some families have participated in a volunteer event and received so much from it that volunteering as a family has become something they do on a regular basis. Why not explore some of the options below to find out what kind of volunteer experience your family might enjoy?

Help a Neighbor – Do you have a neighbor who could use a hand? In today’s society, we don’t always connect with the people in our immediate surroundings; this is not because it is really that difficult. It is usually more like a matter of taking the time to notice others. There may be people in your neighborhood, maybe just down the street from you, who could use a hand with sprucing up their yard, walking the dog or just old-fashioned companionship.

Donate to a Food Drive – Better yet, start one for the local food shelf. Enlist all family members to spread the word and start collecting non-perishables for the local food shelf. You can set a goal or a time limit for collection. Your kids will experience the joy of giving to others and you’ll be helping families in need.

Help Out at an Animal Shelter – Your local animal shelter might be able to use some help with walking the dogs. Many shelters depend on volunteers to help with keeping the animals socialized and exercised. Make a call to find out if your local shelter could use some helping hands.

Help Clean a Playground – Cleaning up parks and playgrounds is always helpful. Keeping these areas looking nice makes everyone happy. Your local municipality may have a clean-up program in which you can take part.

Find the Perfect Opportunity – You can contact local organizations to find out what opportunities they have for family volunteering. There are places online that can supply you with plenty of ideas about volunteering as a family – this not only brings you closer together, it also gives you an opportunity to give back to the community. It’s a way of making this troubled world of ours a better place.

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