Elderly drivers are welcome in Florida and are encouraged to maintain their driving independence as long as they have the confidence to drive, and are safe drivers. Drivers 80 years and older can renew their driver’s license at a local DHS&MV office after first passing a vision test. Some seniors may need to take a written exam before renewal. The Florida Drivers Handbook is a great resource to help you prepare for the exam. Practice tests are available as well. If driving isn’t your thing, or if you are no longer able to drive, there are alternative modes of transportation for seniors.

Golf Carts
In some areas, it is acceptable to use a golf cart for transportation for seniors. In Florida, they can be used on local or country roads that are designated for golf cart use. The posted speed on these roadways must be 30 mph or less. Golf carts cannot be used on sidewalks or state roads. When crossing a state road, you must cross at a designated crossing. This mode of transportation is restricted to daylight hours only.

Florida has specific classifications for motorcycles, mopeds, and scooters. If you are driving a moped, you need a valid Class E license. Unlike scooters, mopeds need to be registered. You will need to display motorcycle license plates on your moped. These will be given to you when you register your moped. You cannot drive a moped on bike or footpaths, and you will need to wear a helmet.

Ride Sharing
Ride sharing is a relatively new alternative to driving yourself or the traditional taxi service. Uber and Lyft are the most popular of these services. Southwest Florida residents have access to other rideshare alternatives also. Up Hail is one example. These services allow you to make appointments to be picked up at a specific time and place. They also provide tracking, so you can see where your ride is.

Dial-A-Ride (DART)
Eligible residents of Charlotte County can call DART for transportation. DART serves the disabled, elderly citizens, the general public, and those who are transportation disadvantaged. For people who use wheelchairs, DART is a convenient curb-to-curb service. One of the disadvantages is drivers are not allowed to deviate from the pickup and return schedules.

For shorter distances, and those who are in good shape and want to stay that way, bicycling and walking are modes of transportation for seniors that shouldn’t be overlooked. They provide excellent exercise and can be an enjoyable form of stress relief.

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