Back pain, leg pain, foot pain – they can all make your day miserable, sap your energy and leave you feeling frustrated and unwell. Could these problems be solved with the right pair of orthopedic shoes? How would you even find out if relief from your pain came in the form of a pair of special shoes?

Discover the Source of Your Problem

You may be surprised to find out how connected your body is. Your feet, ankles, legs, hip, and back are all connected. What affects one part of this system may affect another part. If you are experiencing pain, you may need to see a spine specialist or a podiatrist, depending on what’s giving you grief. Problems with your feet or legs can lead to back pain. An examination of your feet, legs and spine will help determine the source of your problem and answer the question regarding whether or not you would benefit from orthopedic shoes.

Professional Help or Better Fitting Shoes

Did you know wearing high heels can throw your entire body off center? When your body is out of alignment, your back absorbs more pressure than it’s created to handle, hence, the backaches. You don’t need to wear high heels to be out of alignment.

The way you walk can also affect your back. Stress from high, rigid arches can cause pain in your back due to the lack of shock absorption. This causes jarring to the discs in your spine as you walk. This condition is known as underpronation.

The opposite, or overpronation, is when your feet roll inward. This way of walking produces stress on your lower back. People with flat feet or very little arch support often experience this. Both of these conditions are treatable.

If you have foot pain caused by ill-fitting shoes, the corrective measure may be to find a shoe dealer who knows how to properly fit shoes. A well-fitting shoe may be all you need to restore comfort to your body. Checking in with a podiatrist will assist you in finding out if you only need to change your shoes or if you need to pursue more extensive measures.

The Case for Orthopedic Shoes

If your health professional suggests orthopedic inserts to help resolve your problem, and they don’t work in eliminating your back and leg pain, he or she may recommend orthopedic shoes. Today’s orthopedic shoes not only help you walk correctly, which can eliminate your pain, they also come in a variety of styles – not like the shoes your grandmother or great-grandmother wore way back when.

Orthopedic shoes are made to correct whatever deficiency your feet may be experiencing. They allow your spine to move back into alignment, which, in turn, will ease the pain you feel in your back, legs or feet. If your pain problems are linked to your feet, orthopedic shoes may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

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