Many minor surgeries are now being performed at centers specifically designed for outpatient purposes. Patients come in for their procedure, spend some post-op time in recovery and then go home. For the majority of these patients, the procedure goes smoothly and recuperation is normal. For some, the results are tragic. These cases beg the question, how safe are surgery centers?

The Surgery Center Boom

Most surgery centers are owned by the doctors who perform the procedures. Currently, surgery centers, nationwide, outnumber hospitals. The draw for these facilities is that they are cheaper than hospitals for many routine procedures, such as tonsillectomies, colonoscopies, some back surgeries, and some gynecological procedures, just to name a few.

The surgery centers have codes and regulations that must be adhered to as any medical facility would have. There are certain procedures that must be in place and training that staff should have, to avoid problems or complications. When these requirements are not met, serious problems can develop.

Such matters were brought to light with the death of comedian Joan Rivers.  She expired at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York after having complications from an outpatient procedure performed at Yorkville Endoscopy. The ensuing investigation revealed circumstances that brought into question the safety of such facilities.

Hospitals vs. Surgery Centers

Certainly, surgery centers have a certain level of safety. The doctors who own the centers and work there have a responsibility to their patients to provide a clean, safe environment. They do not want to face the prospect of being sued; however, some surgery centers may not be well equipped to handle certain emergencies that may arise during a procedure.

There are circumstances in which it would be better for a patient to go to a hospital, even though the procedure may be routine or minor. Patients with pre-existing conditions, heart problems, hypertension, and those taking certain medications may be at a higher risk for complications and, therefore, would be better served at a hospital.

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