You may be surprised at how connected our emotions are to our physical wellbeing. Whether we are experiencing exhilaration, depression, anxiety or any other emotion, it all affects our bodies either in positive or negative ways.  Chemical reactions take place in the body as a result. Positive emotions lead to enhanced health, and negative emotions can take a toll on health leading to inflammation and a weaker immune system.

The great orator Charles Spurgeon said, “Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strength.” How many times have you worried about things that never happened? How much time have you put into thinking about the “what ifs” of life? You are certainly not alone.

When a real crisis presents itself, anxiety levels rise, even more, taking more of a toll on your health at a time when you need to be strong. So what can you do to alleviate some of these anxious feelings? There are a variety of calming techniques that you can put in place to soothe your nerves.

Mind Games

In reality, part of your anxiety may come from your mind playing tricks on you. For most people, the vast majority of the anxiety they feel comes from imagined situations, over 90% of which never happen. That’s a lot of needless worries.

Cognitive distancing may help you calm these anxious feelings. Look at the situation in a new light. Instead of focusing on what could go wrong, consider all the things that could go right. Your mind is predicting negative things that could possibly happen, but there are positive things that could happen just as easily. Your anxious thoughts about any given situation are not facts. Since you have no idea what really may happen, choose to dwell on the good that could come out of the situation.

Have you ever tried just observing your thoughts? Think about what you are thinking about. Don’t react to the thoughts. See them as thoughts or guesses, not truths.

Mood Music

Have you noticed how music can have an impact on your mood? When you are feeling anxious, music is a calming technique that can lead to relaxation. This is different for everyone. Some get carried away in the complexities of classical music while others groove on jazz. Some people find their spirits are lifted when they harmonize to the old standards.  Whether it’s country, bluegrass, rock, classical, or easy listening, choose a genre that eases your anxiety level and leaves you feeling refreshed and relaxed. Music has a way of easing tension and lifting spirits.


Are you sitting around with anxious thoughts just worrying? Get up and move. Go for a walk or go work out. The calming technique of being in action can help derail anxious thoughts. Movement may give you a different perspective on the problem or situation that’s making you feel anxious. Take time to pay attention to your movements too. Thinking about what you are doing, whether it’s walking, running, dancing or something else, movement can free up your mind from anxious thoughts.

Calming Techniques Work Better than Suppression

Anxiety does not need to rule your life. By being mindful and taking control of your thoughts you can learn how to manage your anxiety. Trying to suppress it or ignore it will not make it go away. Learning different calming techniques to master it will be more productive for you.

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