November 1st is officially National Family Literacy Day, which was started in 1994. Since then, the celebration has turned into Family Literacy Month for the whole month of November, as schools, organizations, and libraries hold special events throughout the month. This is all to encourage families to get involved in reading books.

Reading Aloud to Children

There are audio books galore, even for babies, and, of course, there are tons of programs to watch. Many of these programs had their beginnings in a book. So why take the time to actually read a physical book? Because reading aloud to kids has a big impact on their development.  Significant research has shown time and again that reading aloud to children promotes early literacy skills. It is also crucial for language development.

The skills needed for getting a good start in school begin with good literacy skills. Understanding how to name and handle books is part of that development. Reading to kids helps them develop broad vocabularies and recognize sounds and letters. They also learn how stories work, and they become good listeners.

The Value of the Written Word

As kids grow older, even into adulthood, reading helps develop significant skills and has health benefits, as well. Literary fiction helps you learn how to handle uncertain situations. Cognitive reasoning and critical thinking skills are sharpened with literary fiction. Novels have the ability to make people more empathetic toward others, particularly when the story is compelling. Family Literacy Month is a great time to go to the library as a family and check out the latest best sellers.

Positive Health Benefits of Reading

There have been studies that show a link between stronger brain health in the elderly and reading. Some studies reveal that Alzheimer’s and dementia seem to be delayed in people who have a history of regular reading. Bring the grandparents out for a day at the library or bookstore for a National Family Literacy Month event.

Perhaps you were one of the millions of kids who were fortunate to have a bedtime story read to you before going to sleep each night. You may want to continue the practice. Reading can reduce stress; you enter a literary world and leave the cares of your life behind. It has been shown that reading helps people relax – heart rates slow, and muscles become more relaxed when reading.

Enjoy Family Literacy Month All Year

This may be the month that highlights reading together as a family, but it need not be indulged in just for November. Practice the habits you develop during Family Literacy Month all year by replacing some of that screen time with books. You and your kids will be healthier, and you will create lifetime memories as your family reads together.

The attorneys at the law firm of Frohlich, Gordon & Beason, P.A., celebrate National Family Literacy Month with you and encourage you and your family to take time to read together. Family time together is important at all stages of life. Too often, that realization only comes when there is a tragedy.

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