Being in a car accident can be frightening, no matter how minor. Even a close brush with an accident can turn your knees to jelly and leave you shaken and anxious. A broadside collision often has the element of surprise in that it seems the vehicle came out of nowhere. That, in itself, is traumatizing. Injuries from this type of collision cover the range from minor to critical, depending on certain factors. The size of the impact, as well as the point of contact, will affect the types of injuries.

Typical Injuries

There are three main categories of injuries associated with car accidents:

  • Impact injuries – This is when a person is thrown into a part of the vehicle. Your head hitting the dashboard or steering wheel is an example of an impact injury.

  • Penetrating injuries – When a part of the body is cut or scraped, it is considered a penetrating injury. Examples would be shards of glass cutting the skin or getting cut by a loose object.

  • Soft tissue injuries – Then is an injury in which the muscles, ligaments, and tendons are affected. Whiplash is an example of this type of injury and is one of the most common among car accident injuries.

Broadside Collision Injuries

While rear-end collisions are the most frequent, broadside collisions, also called T-bone accidents, are also common. There are several types of injuries associated with T-bone accidents. Concussions often occur as a result of a person hitting their head on part of the interior of the vehicle. As expected, cuts, bruises, and broken or crushed bones are also common in these types of crashes.

Internal injuries, including those to the brain, causing traumatic brain injury, are common in these types of crashes. Spinal cord damage is also a possibility, and, in some instances, people have had limbs amputated.

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