So much of life revolves around our computers in this day and age. It is difficult to navigate in the world without knowledge of how to use a computer. It is impressive when you consider how much of our lives are dependent on computer technology. Young people have grown up with this technology and are used to it, however, seniors who haven’t had a lot of exposure to new technology may need computer help.

Seniors Helping Seniors

There are seniors who have embraced computers from the very beginning; they know how to help others learn how to use computers. Senior CompuCare is a non-profit organization that offers computer help to seniors. They have several locations in Florida, and they offer online help as well.  What’s great about this program is seniors are helping seniors with computers. They provide training as well as help and advocacy.

Senior Centers

You may also find many senior centers will offer computer help. These centers have a variety of offerings in addition to the social get-togethers they are known for. Some senior centers have computer labs where computer classes are offered. Get familiar with the computer and learn the basics of how to operate one and navigate the internet.

Computer Help Offered by Local Colleges and Schools

Many local colleges and schools offer computer classes for people of all ages. Call to check dates and times. These classes most often offer help on how to do much more than just check email.  You can also learn how to make spreadsheets, use different Google applications and much more.

Learning to use the computer can open up a world of information, entertainment, and fun. Classes will help you learn how to navigate the internet safely, and they will teach you how to safeguard your computer against malware and viruses. If you need computer help, check out the classes offered in your area.

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