Nothing may be more devastating to expectant parents than suffering a birth injury caused by medical negligence, especially if it resulted in the loss of their child. Although most healthcare providers go to great lengths to safeguard babies during delivery, mistakes can occur. These mistakes may lead to a lifetime birth injury or death.

If it is shown that the medical staff’s care was to blame for birth damage, the parents of the child may be eligible for financial compensation. If you require additional medical treatment, you may seek reimbursement for your hospital expenses, surgical procedures and implants, mental and emotional suffering, and other medical costs. If a baby tragically passed away as a result of negligent medical practice, you may get damages including funeral expenses, burial costs, as well as loss of enjoyment of life.

However, it is critical that you consult with a qualified lawyer who has dealt with cases similar to yours in the past. When individuals opt to employ an expert attorney for legal counsel, they generally receive greater settlements than those who choose to represent themselves.

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Continue to read below to learn about the most common types of birth injuries that have been linked to medical negligence and mistakes by healthcare professionals. Understanding these incidents might help you grasp your legal rights in seeking just compensation for your losses.

Common Types of Birth Injuries

Some birth injuries may heal quickly, allowing the infant to live a normal life, but sometimes the damage may be severe and result in lifelong health problems for the victim. A child might be harmed at birth or during pregnancy and delivery in a variety of ways. The following are examples of some of the most prevalent forms of birth injuries:

Fractures and broken bones – When a baby is being born, specialized equipment and techniques are sometimes required to ensure the infant’s safety. When a doctor, nurse, or other medical assistant lacks adequate training or employs the instruments improperly, various sorts of major birth injuries may occur, including fractures and/or fractured bones. Excessive tugging or pushing by labor and delivery staff might result in a dislocated shoulder in newborns.

Spinal cord injuries – When a baby is born, their spines are not yet completely formed. This makes them susceptible to excessive pressure. If a medical professional applies too much pressure on the baby’s spine during delivery, it might result in long-term or irreversible nerve damage and impairments.

Lack of oxygen – A newborn’s oxygen supply can be depleted, causing permanent impairments such as cerebral palsy, which affects a person’s posture and might lead to mobility difficulties. If the medical professional does not perform a C-section on time, the baby may develop hypoxia, which is a lack of oxygen to the infant’s brain.

Skull fractures and brain damage – Skull fractures and brain damage are some of the most prevalent and serious birth injuries. Forceps misuse is primarily to blame for these injuries. Babies may develop temporary or long-term neurological problems, cognitive disorders, and/or disabilities as a result of significant brain damage.

Epilepsy – This is a brain injury caused by an extremely powerful jolt or blow to the baby’s head, which can induce seizures. Victims might require constant at-home treatment that may be costly over time. Severe epileptic episodes have the potential to be harmful and may even reduce one’s lifespan.

Nerve damage – A birth injury might cause nerve damage that is known as Erb’s palsy. While this sickness can be treated, the medical expenses may be exorbitant. This is why you could want the assistance of a skilled lawyer who understands how to properly assess damages.

Excessive blood loss and internal bleeding – When a medical professional makes an egregious error during childbirth, it may result in brain bleeding beneath the baby’s cranium. Expecting parents can also experience excessive bleeding and convulsions.

Medication errors – It’s possible that a medical professional may have given the child and/or mother incorrect doses of medicine, resulting in birth injuries. If the mistake was made by the manufacturer, you may be eligible to file a product liability claim against them. A medical expert might also be held liable if he or she fails to identify the problem correctly and provide appropriate care under the required level of attention.

Although these are among the most prevalent birth injuries we see on a regular basis, there are numerous ways that a newborn may be harmed as the result of medical staff’s negligence. Even if the baby was unharmed and the mother sustains an injury or dies as a result of carelessness on the part of someone else, you might still be eligible to bring a medical malpractice claim or wrongful death action against the negligent party.

If a medical issue crops up during childbirth, doctors are obligated by law to notify the mother and provide her with information on how to handle it along with the risks involved. If it is discovered that a doctor’s negligence caused the birth injury, he or she may be held liable. Inquiring with an expert lawyer might help you file multiple claims against all parties involved if necessary.

Get the Legal Help You Need

Over an extended period, severe birth injuries might need extensive medical attention, rehabilitation, physical therapy, speech therapy, at-home care, and other specialized requirements. This is why it’s critical to consult with a qualified lawyer who has handled similar cases.

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