Florida is home to thousands of motorcyclists who can enjoy their sport in our mild and mostly welcoming weather. However, riding a motorcycle brings with it unique risks that other forms of transportation do not have. Without the protection of the steel shell of a vehicle around you, as a motorcyclist your risk of injury and death is considerably higher than those of passenger car occupants. Colliding with another vehicle and then being thrown can result in serious, sometimes catastrophic, injuries that could sideline you for weeks, months, years, or the rest of your life.

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A Leading Cause of Death in Motorcycle Accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), those riding motorcycles are more likely to be killed in an accident at a rate that is 27 times higher than car occupants. Riders without helmets are more likely to bear traumatic brain injuries in those accidents than those wearing helmets. Thus, helmets are likely the most important piece of equipment you can have as a motorcyclist. This is because traumatic brain injuries are among the most serious you can sustain and a high cause of death from an accident.

Unfortunately, many riders in our state ride without a helmet. Under Florida law, they are legally allowed to do so. The law says that anyone over the age of 21 can do so if they are covered by insurance that provides for a minimum of $10,000 in medical benefits if they are involved in an accident. Consider how far $10,000 would go were you to sustain a traumatic brain injury. These injuries often result in a host of symptoms that can haunt you for life. Among those short-term and long-term consequences can be dizziness, headaches, confusion, memory loss, learning disabilities, vision problems, paralysis, a higher risk of dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s, and other serious disabilities. The medical and out-of-pocket costs of caring for these types of symptoms and effects can be extremely high.

The Case for Wearing a Helmet

Head injuries are common for motorcyclists involved in a traffic accident. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), the following statistics show the difference that wearing a helmet can make for riders.

  • Wearing a helmet gives you an approximate 37 percent advantage for the prevention of motorcycle fatalities

  • Wearing a helmet gives you an approximate 67 percent advantage for the prevention of brain injuries

Additionally, according to the National Occupant Protection Use Survey, the use of a helmet saved over 25,000 lives during the timeframe of 2002 through 2018. Based on these statistics alone, motorcyclists in Florida should seriously consider the benefits of helmet use when on their bikes regardless of how much insurance they carry.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries in Charlotte Count, FL

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