Recuperating from a life-altering accident takes a lot of time and patience on everyone’s part. Your world has changed completely, and now you need to find and establish the new normal. Many people encounter a variety of challenges when faced with these types of changes especially when holiday time arrives.

Adjusting the Schedule

Before the accident, you may have had a very full schedule during this time of year. Perhaps there were many parties and events you attended. This is the season for visits to and from relatives and friends. There were also lots of preparations for the holidays. Cooking, baking, decorating and shopping were always big items on the agenda.

Now, with the effects of a life-altering accident to deal with, those things seem like mountains of work. The good news is you do not have to take on the responsibility, even if last year you were the designated host. Life has changed, and now you need to do what is necessary to take care of you and your family first.

Whether you are the injured party or someone in your family is, the important thing to remember is self-care is critical, particularly during stressful times, such as the holidays. The schedule needs to accommodate the abilities and energy levels of those involved. The injured person does not need to be overloaded with activities, and neither should caretakers.

Take inventory of the events, invitations, and obligations. Discuss what makes sense to eliminate. Be clear that some long-standing traditions may need to go by the wayside or be put on hold. A life-altering accident is just that – lives have been altered. At least for a while, things will be different from what they’ve been in the past.

Quality Time After a Life-Altering Accident

Every year, most American families celebrate some time in December. The joy families experience during this time has more to do with being together, sharing family stories and spending time together than anything else. This is quality time, and it is precious. It is the time spent with one another that counts the most. If nothing else, the gift many people receive from a life-altering accident is the realization that quality time with loved ones is the most valuable gift of all. It doesn’t cost anything, and it does not come decorated with fancy wrapping. Quality time after a life-altering accident underscores that there is life to be celebrated every day.

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