Modern technology has made it possible for people to get a ride just about any time to just about any place. Ride-hailing companies like Uber® and Lyft® make it easy for people to get around without waiting for a bus or having to stand out in the rain, waiting to hail a taxi. While these modes of transportation are convenient, they also have some concerns associated with them.

Who Can Be an Uber Driver?

Many people are earning extra money by becoming Uber drivers or signing up with other ride-hailing companies, sometimes even more than one. If you and your vehicle meet the requirements, chances are you can become a driver.

Basically, if you are 21 years old or older, you have a clean driving record and you have no criminal background, you are in the running to become an Uber driver. Additionally, you need to have rideshare insurance on your vehicle, and the vehicle needs to meet certain criteria. The requirements for an acceptable vehicle vary from location to location.

Uber Accidents

Any vehicle on the road runs the risk of being involved in an accident. Uber drivers are not immune to this; however, they sometimes have to contend with additional hurdles. Some of these drivers are working long hours, because driving for Uber may be their main or only source of income. They also must drive into unfamiliar areas on a regular basis. Then, there is the added pressure of making sure they deliver excellent customer service and meet the deadlines.

When an Uber driver is involved in an accident, he or she is expected to follow the protocol of reporting the accident, both to the police and to Uber. The driver must have insurance in order to work for Uber, and it must be the appropriate type of insurance. Most personal insurance companies no longer cover drivers when they are on the clock for ride-hailing companies. Special rideshare insurance is necessary to cover drivers.

Are Uber Accidents Common?

In as much as the drivers are taking on a huge responsibility, it is fair to think that Uber drivers are more concerned about avoiding collisions than other drivers. They are always under scrutiny for several reasons. The ride-hailing phenomenon has definitely disrupted traditional transportation systems, particularly the taxicab business.

In one study, researchers at Stonehill and Providence colleges collaborated and found that Uber actually had a positive effect. They concluded fatal crashes, DUI citations and some types of crime were fewer in places where ridesharing was available. When you consider the choice of being on the road with drunk drivers or Uber drivers the latter are obviously the much safer choice.

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