Truck drivers are under tremendous pressure to get the goods delivered on time. In this occupation, saying time is money is no joke. Because so much is riding on tight schedules, it is not surprising that truck drivers are often seen speeding down the nation’s highways.

The Consequences of Speeding

While distracted driving is the cause of many accidents, speeding ranks high as well. According to a survey conducted by Smart Drive, speedsters are more likely to be involved in a collision accident. Seventeen percent of fatal accidents were the result of speeding. For the truck driver, speeding is a contributing factor to on-the-job deaths.

Crashes due to speeding and other negative behaviors result in billions of dollars lost annually. In one report, according to the CDC, truck drivers do not always use their seatbelts, which increases the opportunity for injury or death. Not wearing a seat belt isn’t the only dangerous thing speeding truck drivers do, either. Smart Drive cited several behaviors exhibited by drivers who travel 10 mph or more above posted speed limits.

The Truck Driver’s Need for Speed

As states have increased the speed limit on many of their highways, truck drivers, as well as other drivers, have increased their speed. Many people drive 2-5 miles per hour over the posted speed limit, but those who drive 10 or more mph over the posted speed are at a much larger increase for a collision.

Truck drivers have very tight schedules and must deliver their goods and services on time. Any circumstance leading to a delay means the drivers will most likely speed to make up for lost time. These situations occur on a regular basis. Trucking companies generally have tight profit margins, and there are many factors, including fuel costs, that can impact earnings. Speeding uses more fuel, so in that area, it isn’t cost effective; however, the drivers may see it as a small price to pay if they can deliver their load and pick up another quickly.

Since speeding is such an issue with truck drivers, there are options being considered that would minimize or eliminate speeding.  In the meantime, it is up to individual drivers to be responsible for their driving habits. Slowing down saves lives, time and money.

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