Motorcycle safety isn’t only the cyclists’ responsibility. All drivers need to be aware of motorcycle safety and help keep our roads safe. You may not be aware of all you can do to help promote motorcycle safety, so we are presenting some ideas on which you can take action.

Educate Yourself on Motorcycle Safety

You’ve learned the rules of the road as a driver of an enclosed vehicle, and, hopefully, you adhere to those rules and use safe driving practices. There are things you need to be aware of for optimum knowledge about motorcycle safety.

Many drivers do not realize motorcyclists have a particular challenge staying out of a vehicle’s blind spot. This is the cause of many accidents. It is necessary to be aware there are motorcyclists on the road, especially in nicer weather. Just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t there, so it becomes important to get in the habit of checking your blind spots automatically.

According to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, in most fatal motorcycle accidents, the cyclist was not at fault. Because there are not as many bikers on the road, people have a tendency to not see the ones that are on the road.

Learn How to Drive in the Presence of Motorcycles

There are certain characteristics of motorcycle driving that are similar but different than other vehicles. Their narrow profile makes it easier for them to be caught in a blind spot. They also have a tendency to look farther away than they actually are. This means drivers need to be aware the motorcycle may actually be closer than perceived; therefore, when you turn at an intersection or out of a drive, anticipate that the motorcycle is actually closer than it seems.

While enclosed vehicles enjoy riding pretty much undisturbed by most road conditions, it isn’t the same for bikers. They need to be aware of the smallest potholes in the road, roadkill, shifting winds, and a list of other things. They need to make more adjustments and do some lane changing that can be seen as reckless or showing off. Realize they are making choices for their safety.

When the pavement is wet and slippery, motorcycles have a harder time stopping quickly. Give them stopping room – don’t follow too close behind them.

Promote Motorcycle Safety by Being an Understanding Driver

When you realize the challenges motorcyclists face – everything from bugs in the face to rude drivers – have some compassion for them. Both you and the biker are privileged to be on the road to make an effort to really see the person on the motorcycle. Give them the respect and courtesy you would like to receive.

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