Sharing the road with big rigs can be unnerving at times. The drivers of lighter vehicles can feel the force of the air displaced as the semis pass. Looking in your rearview mirror and seeing a tractor-trailer driver bearing down on you can be frightening. When it seems the driver is being unsafe, it poses a serious hazard for everyone on the road.

Stay Safe Yourself

It is important for you to keep yourself safe when in the vicinity of an unsafe driver. These days, when road rage is rampant, you need to be careful how you handle aggressive drivers. A tractor-trailer driver doesn’t even need to be aggressive, because the size of the rig they are driving is intimidating already.

Reporting the Unsafe Tractor-Trailer Driver

In an emergency situation, dial 911. Alternatively, in Florida, you can dial *FHP (*347) on your mobile phone. Tell the operator as much information about the incident as possible. Include where you are or the area where you saw the unsafe driving and the direction the truck is going. If possible, include the license plate number.

There’s An App for That!

It seems there really is an app for everything. This includes apps for reporting reckless or dangerous driving. You can anonymously make a report through apps on your phone. If you choose to do that, have your passenger make the report, or pull over before pulling out your mobile phone. Remember that it is illegal to text while driving. Don’t put yourself or others in danger by sending a text about a reckless truck driver.

Apps for reporting dangerous driving range from one that acts like a dash cam (Nexar), which automatically records problem drivers to one that allows you to document your frustration with them (Bad Driver Database.)

A tractor-trailer driver might be driving while overtired, rushing to get to a destination or may be distracted. Whatever the reason, putting lives in danger is not acceptable. You do yourself, others and even the driver of the rig a big favor when you report unsafe driving. Just make the report responsibly; don’t create another hazard by driving distracted while making the report.

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