As the saying goes: When you have your health, you have everything. People who have had their health compromised can attest to the truth of this statement. You are the captain of your ship when it comes to health. Eating healthy foods, watching your weight, exercising and getting enough rest are key factors for healthy living. Another is having a good doctor to keep an eye on your health. Finding a doctor takes a little bit of homework on your part, but it can have big benefits when it comes to your health.


Make sure any potential doctor under your consideration has the proper qualifications. Graduating from medical school is just one step. The doctor should be licensed to practice in the state. Though there are minimum requirements all doctors need, there are also different qualifications for different areas around the country and different licensing requirements.

The best doctors stay current with developments in the medical field. Is your potential doctor participating in continuing education? Is he or she aware of the current trends in the field? This is an important part of being a well-qualified professional. The medical field is making new advancements every day. A good doctor will be aware of changes and new information.

When you are researching doctors in a particular specialty, look for board certified individuals. These are people who have furthered their training and been evaluated by peers. Not all doctors are board certified.

Check Reviews for Potential Doctors

Word of mouth is usually an excellent way to get information about a doctor. Ask around and see whose name comes up often as a doctor you can trust. When word-of-mouth is not an option or is very limited, you can go to online sources for information.

One of the top sites for reviews is Yelp®. Like many review sites, they have a star system, and people post their comments. Among the many other online review sites are Healthgrades®Angie’s List®, and WebMD®. While these sites are valuable in finding a potential doctor, keep in mind reviews from patients are very subjective. Negative comments will often revolve around things that the doctor has no control over. Look for themes. If several reviews claim the doctor is not patient friendly, then you may want to take that doctor off your list.

Finding the right doctor for your needs is important. He or she will become a vital part of your plan to stay healthy and fit. It’s worth the time and effort to find a doctor in whom you can put your trust. This becomes particularly important if you should ever have a health issue arise suddenly. A serious accident could change your life in an instant and having a doctor you trust to guide you through the ordeal is vital.

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