Home is a sanctuary where people should be safe from harmful things. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. There are all types of harmful products in every home. Identifying them and knowing what to do to keep your family out of harm’s way is vital.

Medicines and Drugs

With the prescription drug addiction in full swing, one of the most harmful products in American homes today is pain medication containing opioids. Deaths and overdoses from these medications are at an all-time high. Even though prescribing the medications has begun to dwindle, they are still in many homes.

Other drugs, intended to help alleviate the symptoms of one disorder, can have different and ultimately harmful effects on individuals who do not have the condition for which the medicine is intended. Ritalin fits in this category. For all drugs and medicines, it is wise to check the expiration dates, and, if it is past that date, discard the medicine appropriately. Many communities have special drop-off sites, like the police station or fire hall where expired drugs can be taken.

Volatile Organic Compounds

These compounds are found in common household items and can cause a variety of health problems. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are chemical contaminants contained in everything from flooring to air fresheners, cleaning products, and fabric materials and coverings. Over time, VOCs affect the quality of your indoor air.

Many of the commercial cleaning products available in the market today contain VOCs. As a result, many households are choosing more natural cleaning products or those made from natural ingredients, such as vinegar and lemon.

Recalled Products

Unless you stay tuned to the news, it can be difficult to know which products in your home may be subject to a recall. Fortunately, there is a government site that is regularly updated. You can use this site to find out if a product has been recalled.

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