We may live in the Sunshine State, and it may be warm most of the year, but there are days when we will need to fire up the furnace. It’s important to manage your furnace safety, so, on those robust chilly days, you won’t have any problems.

Don’t Let Your Safety Be at Risk

The most efficient way to complete a furnace safety check is to call in the professionals for a furnace tune-up. This course of action will not only ensure everything is running smoothly, but it may also improve the efficiency of your furnace. Any safety issues will be discovered by the professionals, taking the guesswork out of the equation. You’ll have peace of mind knowing when the job is completed all bases are covered. Also, if there is a problem, you’ll know about it, and you can get repairs made or, if necessary, replace your furnace.

Furnace Safety and Hazards

If you use natural gas, in most cases, if there is a leak you will smell it. The gas company adds an odor, much like rotten eggs, to let people know when gas is leaking. This is because natural gas is clear and odorless. Unless there was an additive to indicate its presence, you could have a leak and not know it.

Under ideal circumstances, if there were a small leak in the furnace you could detect it by the smell; however, if you are too far away from the furnace to notice it or if you have trouble smelling, the leak could go unnoticed. This would be very hazardous.

Carbon monoxide is held in check, in the furnace, by means of the heat exchanger. If for any reason, there are cracks in the exchanger, carbon monoxide could leak out causing a serious fire hazard as well as a health hazard. Carbon monoxide is deadly. Inhaling it can lead to death. This is why it is important to have properly-place carbon monoxide detectors in your home. This is another reason to have a professional inspect your furnace to ensure there are no leaks or potential problems.

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