Wouldn’t it be nice to go on the internet and put in a search for the safest motorcycles made in 2017, or any other year? What you will find is a plethora of articles on motorcycle safety indicating it may not be so much about the motorcycle as about the driver and other motorists. There are a few things that can contribute to one motorcycle being safer than another, but again, it has more to do with the driver than the bike.

Size Matters

When it comes to newbie motorcyclists – sometimes called SQUIDS when they are overconfident of their skills – the size of the bike matters. Motorcycles weigh a lot. Larger bikes can weigh 700 pounds or more. While this may make a person feel and look powerful, if the driver is not well seasoned, it could result in disaster. Big bikes have a tendency to be harder to handle. A tight turn with a larger bike is not an easy feat for someone who has not been riding for a long time. Larger bikes have more torque, so if you aren’t prepared for it, twisting the throttle just a little could cause wheelspin. Think of a big metal horse rearing up and throwing you off, maybe landing on you. You could get hurt or your bike could hurt bystanders.

You may be wondering why novice bikers are called SQUIDS. It’s an acronym for Stupidly Quick, Underdressed, Imminently Dead.

Myth: A Loud Motorcycle Is Safer

There is a school of thought that believes louder motorcycles are safer because motorist can hear them coming. Unfortunately, this is not actually the case. Consider that modern car makers pride themselves on smooth, quiet rides. One of the selling points of some cars is that no matter how noisy it is outside, in the cabin of the car it is whisper quiet. And that’s without music playing through the speakers and a cell phone conversation.

In addition, the noise from the motorcycle is coming from the exhaust, which is facing the rear of the bike. This means cars behind the bike are hearing the brunt of the noise and not the cars in front. It is the drivers of the cars in front of the bikers who really need to be aware of the bike’s presence. It may be very uncool, but a loud horn facing frontward on your motorcycle would serve you much better, since the biggest threat to safety on the road for cyclists still comes from the cars in front not seeing the biker in back.

The Most Efficient Way to Make Your Motorcycle Safe

As silly as it may seem, the most efficient way to have a safe motorcycle is to make sure there is a safe driver at the helm. Only time will provide the experience needed to become a truly safe motorcyclist. Learning the rules of the road, driving defensively and wearing high visibility clothing will make just about any bike you handle the safest bike it can be.

Most vehicle accidents involving a motorcycle are due to a motorist not seeing the cyclist. With all the distractions that vie for people’s attention today, it’s surprising there are not more accidents on the road. Frohlich, Gordon & Beason, P.A. is here to help if an accident befalls you or a loved one. Our compassionate lawyers are available for consultation. Initial consultations are provided at no cost to you.