As technology advances, there are always pros and cons to new developments. This is the case with the LED headlights that are now available for vehicles. When first introduced, light-emitting diodes or LEDs were only available on luxury cars. Now they are available on average cars and consumers can purchase them to replace their halogen headlights.

The Good News

People who do a lot of night driving appreciate LED lights because they are brighter. Additionally, they last longer than halogen lights. The average halogen bulb will be good for about 6,000 hours. LED lights last much longer, sometimes as much as 30,000 hours. LEDs are more energy efficient than halogen headlights. Because they are smaller and provide better lighting, automakers are able to take the lights into consideration in designing the car. However, there are also disadvantages.

The Bad News About LED Headlights

If you’ve been driving at night and flicked your bright lights at an oncoming car and nothing happens, chances are that car is sporting LED headlights. These lights emit an intense blue-white light. While it helps the driver see pedestrians and street signs better, oncoming drivers are nearly blinded by the intensity. Additionally, when it rains, the light is actually reflected back to the driver which makes it more difficult to see.

LED lights are also more expensive than halogen headlights. They last longer, but they can be very expensive. Converting from halogen to LED headlights is also very expensive. Kits are available, but also realize that you may receive more flashes from oncoming traffic. In some areas LED headlights may not be legal. In Florida, as long as they are white and you have one on either side of your vehicle, they are legal.

The over-bright lights experienced by oncoming drivers are most likely after-market LEDs. Those that manufacturers put on as original equipment are road-safe and usually of tolerable brightness to oncoming drivers. After-market lights may not be regulated as stringently as those originally on a vehicle, so they may be brighter than necessary or not as bright as they should be, yet still within safe bounds.

Before switching from halogen to LED lights, do your research, so you can make an informed decision. Also, be aware the change could be annoying to other drivers on the road who are not aware of how LED headlights work. This could easily result in people signaling you to turn your bright lights down. If you are switching from halogen headlights to LED, and you aren’t satisfied with the results, you can always switch back.

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