Even with insurance payouts, medical bills can take a big toll on finances after an accident. No doubt you will feel a wide range of emotions as the bills roll in and you have to come up with a strategy for getting them paid. Medical bill etiquette may not be on your radar at that moment; however, it is something you want to keep in mind.

Don’t Ignore the Bills

Even though they may seem overwhelming, you don’t want to ignore any of your medical bills. Even if it is a small amount, pay something every month because something is much better than nothing. To do otherwise could have adverse effects on your credit score.

The temptation to use your credit card to pay off your medical bills may be very strong, but realize that with credit cards comes interest payments. You could end up paying considerably more for your medical expenses if you choose to pay with plastic.

Keep your card in your wallet and talk to a representative to come up with a payment plan for the medical bills. If you do have to pay interest on your medical bills, it will be low and, in many cases, you won’t have interest payments on the bills at all. You can’t say that about credit cards. If you put your medical bills on automatic payments, it will make the process that much easier – set it and forget it.

Explore Ways to Cut Costs

There are certain avenues to decrease costs on your medical bills. For example, if there is interest on a bill, talk to the business manager and see if you can negotiate a lower rate. Another way you can save is by requesting a prompt pay discount. If you have close to enough money to pay off the bill, find out if you can get a discount for paying promptly. The medical bill etiquette move can save you as much as 10 percent.

Medical Bill Etiquette If You Are Unable to Pay

Again, skipping out on your medical bills is not okay. There are plenty of people in need of and receiving medical care who cannot afford it. Hospitals have financial assistance, but you will need to request it. You may need to apply for Medicaid before getting approved for assistance from the hospital. Often, if a person is rejected from getting Medicaid, the hospital will provide financial assistance. Be prepared to fill out a lot of paperwork.

The main rule of medical bill etiquette is: don’t ignore your medical bills! There is help available to you, so take advantage of it. If your medical bills are the result of a personal injury issue, contact the law offices of Frohlich, Gordon & Beason, P.A. Located in Port Charlotte, North Port, and Englewood and serving the southwestern Florida area, we specialize in personal injury law. We also offer a free first-time consultation. You can call or email us to schedule an appointment.