The week of January 23rd is National Medical Group Practice Week. This week of celebrating group practice of healthcare organizations was established to recognize those who work in collaboration to provide quality care to patients. This nationwide observance acknowledges groups of three or more healthcare providers who work together and share resources.

Teamwork at Its Finest

Medical group practices make it easier, more practical, and more cost-effective for patients to obtain quality healthcare in one place. Many group practices include healthcare providers from multiple disciplines so patients can have fast access to the care they need. Providers in such an environment know each other, and therefore can more easily work together, when necessary, to provide patients with comprehensive care.

South West Florida Medical Group Practices

If you live in the southwest Florida area and are checking out medical group practices, here are a few for you to consider:

  • Millennium Physician Group – Since 2008, this medical group practice has been providing care for residents of the southwest Florida area. More than 200 health care providers throughout the area provide comprehensive care. In addition to highly skilled, board-certified physicians, the Millennium Physician Group also has auxiliary personnel including registered nurses, diabetes educators, X-Ray technicians, physician assistants, phlebotomists, ARNPs, and support staff ready to help make your visit as pleasant as possible.

  • Family Health Centers of Southwest Florida – This medical group practice has offices throughout the area. They provide medical care including pediatrics, as well as dental care in many of their locations. You have the option of making an appointment, or if you need same-day care, you can give them a call.

  • Internal Medicine of Southwest Florida – This privately owned, patient-focused private practice focuses on prevention and early detection of potentially curable diseases. They also focus on the management of chronic illnesses. They offer comprehensive services, with radiology and lab services on the premises. Established in 1998, this private medical group practice of board-certified American internists also offers contract and concierge services.

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