Neck injuries can be anywhere from mild to severe. There are several types of neck injuries, and each has a range of severity. Hopefully, any injury you may experience is on the low end of the severity scale, but it’s also important to know that each one is different and may require specific treatment and home care for the best results in healing.

Types of Neck Injuries

These are the most common types of injuries to the neck that will lead to varying degrees of discomfort:

  • Sprains and strains – These injuries are often related to sports. Rest and anti-inflammatory pain relievers usually are all that’s needed to resolve the discomfort, though it may take a few days.

  • Whiplash – This familiar injury is often the result of a car accident, particularly when a vehicle is rear-ended. It can also occur anytime there is a violently swift movement of the head, usually a quick forward and backward motion.

  • Repetitive strain – This is a very common ailment associated with computer work. It can be posture related; however, sleeping on an inadequate pillow can cause this type of discomfort, also. Reading in bed, if your head isn’t properly supported, can lead to repetitive strain.

  • Disk injury – If a vertebral disk is injured while lifting a heavy object, it can result in pain felt in the neck and arms as well.

  • Nerve pinch injury – Also called a “stinger” or “burner” injury, this type of problem can cause sharp, shooting pains in the neck and arms. Generally, these injuries heal quickly.

  • Spinal cord damage – A severe accident could result in spinal cord injury. For example, falling on your head could disrupt the bones that protect your spinal cord. These types of injuries are most prevalent in vehicle accidents, sports-related injuries, and diving accidents.

What to do About Neck Pain

A “crick” in the neck, something you may have felt after sleeping in the wrong position, doesn’t usually warrant a trip to the doctor. If it lasts for days on end, though, you probably will want to have it checked out, just to be on the safe side.

If you feel neck pain after sitting for hours at your computer, you can do stretching exercises to help ease the discomfort. An ergonomic assessment may be in order if this is a constant problem for you. Getting an ergonomic chair and having your screen and keyboard at the correct height can make a world of difference.

It goes without saying that a serious neck injury is going to require medical treatment. Spinal cord damage, or the possibility of it, needs immediate attention. The injured person shouldn’t be moved until proper medical personnel can do it.

Whiplash is also a case where medical attention is required. The severity of whiplash runs on a continuum from mild to severe. Your doctor will determine the extent of your injury. As in all cases requiring medical treatment, adhering to your doctor’s orders for neck injuries is critical to the healing process.

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