Most car accidents involve two or more vehicles; however, the single-car crash is not an anomaly. It can happen as a result of many factors. In fact, the single-car crash accounts for the majority of fatalities. While cars are involved in single-car crashes, pick-up trucks and SUVs are most likely to be involved when it comes to rollovers.

What Is a Single Car Crash?

When a lone vehicle is involved in a collision it is considered a single car crash. The driver may or may not be at fault. In the majority of instances, a single car crash is considered to be the driver’s fault. Mechanical failure or defect or someone else’s negligence leading to the crash shifts the blame away from the driver.

Causes of Single Car Crashes

There are several reasons why a car may be involved in a single car crash. Swerving to avoid hitting an animal on the road is one. Often, a driver may try to spare the life of a dog or a cat, and end up hitting a fire hydrant, mailbox or tree. In rural areas where most rollover accidents take place, swerving to avoid an animal or obstacle in the roadway when you’re driving a pickup truck or SUV could cause your vehicle to tip and roll over.

In the case of an animal or object in the roadway, you have a choice whether or not to avoid colliding with the obstacle. When it comes to a person or another vehicle, it can be considered an unavoidable accident. If a pedestrian, another motorist or cyclists make an unexpected move and you need to react quickly to avoid a collision, you could hit another object as a result. If the move by the other person was an act of negligence on their part, they can be held liable.

Distracted driving is another reason for single-car crashes. Texting while driving can cause a driver to inadvertently go off the road, hit a stationary object, end up in the ditch or flip the car in some instances.

Bad weather is another cause of single-car crashes. If a driver is not careful during inclement weather, road conditions can deteriorate quickly and cause a crash.

Vehicle malfunctions or defects also contribute to single-car crash statistics. Faulty brakes or poor alignment can cause problems. In a situation where there is a malfunction with the vehicle, the driver may file a claim against the manufacturer and collect damages caused by the accident. The product liability lawsuit would best be handled by a lawyer who is familiar with these types of cases.

Recovering losses in a single car crash can be challenging, but not necessarily impossible. Consulting with an experienced lawyer is your first step. The attorneys at Frohlich, Gordon & Beason, P.A., specializing in personal injury law. Call us for a free consultation about your case. We are the lawyers who care. We have offices to serve the southwest Florida area; they are located in North Port, Englewood and Port Charlotte.