Multiple vehicles crashes present a wide variety of problems. Sorting out the chain reaction crash can be challenging. Consider that there may actually be more than one party in the chain reaction responsible for the crash. Finding the true cause or causes can take a lot of time and investigate.

What Is a Chain Reaction Crash?

These types of vehicle accidents involve three or more vehicles. They can occur in congested areas and often happen during times of bad weather. Slippery roadways, low visibility due to rain or fog and other weather-related situations can figure into chain reaction crashes.

Here’s an example of a chain reaction crash with four cars: Driver Dà Driver C à Driver BàDriver A. If Driver A stops unexpectedly Driver B rear-ends Driver A, Driver C rear-ends Driver B and Driver D rear-ends Driver C. Here’s how it can get complicated. Suppose Driver A stops unexpectedly but Driver B was following too closely because of intoxication and slams into Driver A. Driver C isn’t paying close attention to the road and hits Driver B, and Driver D slams on the brakes but does not have enough room to come to a complete halt before hitting Driver C.

Florida’s Pure Comparative Negligence Law

If you are involved in a chain reaction crash in Florida, you can recover some of your loses depending on how much of the crash for which you were responsible. Florida’s Comparative Fault law stipulates that a person involved in an accident can recover some of the losses, but that recovery is diminished by their percentage of responsibility or neglect in causing the accident.

It is up to you to prove that the other person/s negligence contributed to your injuries. Three conditions need to be met to establish negligence:

  • The other person/s who injured you had a duty not to cause you injury and did not meet that duty
  • That person’s duty was related to your injury
  • Your injury or damages to your property were caused by the other person’s failure to meet his or her duty to you in not causing injury.

As you can see, sorting out the chain reaction crash can be challenging especially when you need to recover your losses. Hiring an experienced attorney is the best way to proceed if you are involved in a chain reaction crash.

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