With an increase of allergies in kids, particularly certain food allergies, it is important to make sure your child is safe from allergens at school. How you do this is critical to your child’s wellbeing. Some food allergies can be fatal.

This year, a three-year-old child died in New York after having been fed a grilled cheese sandwich, despite his preschool knowing he had a severe dairy allergy. This tragedy could have been avoided had proper measures been in place and carried out diligently. Some schools now have epi pens on hand to use in the case of severe allergy reactions.

Know the Allergy Procedures at Your Childs’ School

With hundreds of children at a school, it can be difficult to keep track of the kids with allergies. Find out what the procedures are at your child’s school regarding tracking kids with allergies. Older kids can shoulder some of the responsibility, however, there are times that they may not be aware of a problem-food that shows up in, say, a salad or sandwich. Younger kids, as in the case of the child in New York, are completely dependent on the adults in charge.

Find out if your school has policies dictating how kids with severe allergies are to be recognized. Some schools have directories with the children’s pictures and a list of things they are allergic to. Make sure that whatever procedures your school has, you are familiar with it, and that the school has current information about your child.

Work with the School

Parents need to advocate for their children. Many people do not understand the severity of food allergies. Just a little bite can’t cause that much of a problem, right? Except with a severe allergy, just a tiny bit can cause death. You need to let everyone involved know about your child’s allergy; teachers, the school nurse, and the cafeteria supervisor need to be made aware. Find out if accommodations can be made. Put an allergy plan in place and make certain it is on file with the school in the event of an emergency.

Work with Your Child

If your child is old enough, teach him or her about the necessity of being careful about their allergies. Help them understand the age-appropriate facts about their allergies. It is important your child knows sharing snacks with other kids is not okay. Provide non-perishable snacks for your child. These snacks can be kept with the teacher or in the school office. Be prepared for those unplanned celebrations, so your child can have treats as well.

It’s a Serious Matter

Consider working with other parents, those with kids who have allergies and those without; to develop a program to inform and teach others, in a non-threating way, about the seriousness of allergies. Many kids and parents who don’t have allergies don’t understand this can be a life-threatening issue. Bringing the matter to the forefront can help save a life.

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