When a loved one dies unexpectedly, and it is a matter of wrongful death, the repercussions are devastating and life-changing. When children are involved, it only makes the situation more tragic. The dreams of what could have been haunts everyone involved for years.

Going through this type of devastation is stressful and can be emotionally debilitating. At the same time, there are things that need to be considered – filing a wrongful death suit is one of them. It may seem like too much to take on, but with caring and compassionate lawyers to walk you through the process, it may be the best thing you can do for the children.

In the Case of a Crime

Many wrongful death suits have been filed after a criminal trial has taken place. Families that are subjected to the rigors of going through a criminal trial may not want the added stress of filing a wrongful death suit. These suits use similar evidence as the criminal trial, but the standard of proof is lower. A person can be sued in a wrongful death case even though they were not convicted of a crime connected with the death. If there is a substantial amount of evidence that the alleged perpetrator is responsible for the death, a wrongful death suit may be filed.

How a Wrongful Death Suit Benefits Children

When the household breadwinner dies as the result of a crime or someone else’s negligence, the children are affected emotionally, physically and financially. Monetary injury can be as devastating as anything else. Filing a wrongful death suit can give the children an opportunity to be relieved of the financial aspect of the heartache they must endure.

There are certain expenses incurred by the unexpected death which fall on the shoulders of the survivors, in this case, the children of the deceased. A wrongful death suit can recover these expenses. They may include medical expenses, funeral costs, support, services, and loss of prospect of an inheritance.

Many considerations are taken into account when a wrongful death action is taken. An experienced lawyer knows all the aspects involved in forming a case for wrongful death. While a major piece of the puzzle is to provide compensation for the loss of the loved one, another piece is handling the case with compassion and care.

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