Imagine riding your bicycle along the roadway. You’re enjoying the scenery, feeling the wind on your face. You are totally prepared for this ride. You have your approved bicycle helmet on, proper shoes for the pedals, bright clothing so you can be easily seen. All seems well… until it isn’t. Without warning, you get hit. Suddenly, a bicycle accident sends your life spinning in a different direction altogether.


Some bicycle accidents are very minor, causing only a few scrapes and bruises. Others can be very serious – anything from broken bones, traumatic brain injury or death. The life of the victim and loved ones is altered permanently. You don’t need to be at fault for such a tragedy to touch your life. You can do everything correctly, including being an alert cyclist. All it takes is one person to be distracted while driving, and things can change in an instant.

It isn’t always a collision with a car that causes a serious bicycle accident. Poor road conditions can result in a bad bicycle accident, particularly if the surface is one the cyclist is not experienced in maneuvering, such as loose gravel. Faulty or defective parts on the bicycle can also be a source.


Anytime you ride your bicycle in traffic or on unfamiliar roads, there will be the potential for an accident. This is a risk you assume every time you mount your bike for a ride. Still, you can lower your risk by taking all the steps necessary to protect yourself and/or your kids.

Be sure the bicycle is in good shape and all parts are working as they should. Worn tires, rusty chains or questionable brakes are a bicycle accident waiting to happen. Make sure you are wearing an approved helmet. Wear bright clothing, to make yourself more visible. Don’t ride your bike after drinking and don’t allow yourself to be distracted. Always follow the rules of the road.

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