When your vehicle has sustained damage, you want it repaired by a reputable company you can trust. Too often, people end up paying for sub-standard and overpriced repair work. Women and elderly people often fall victim to unscrupulous auto-body shops. They are given a list of repairs that may not even need to be made, and if they have no clue about what is entailed in a legitimate repair, they can be taken advantage of. Knowing how to find reputable auto body shops can save you hundreds of dollars.

How to Find a Good Auto Body Shop

One of the most reliable methods for finding a good auto body shop is word of mouth. Ask friends, colleagues and family members if they have used one, and if so, would they make a recommendation. When asked, people will make recommendations for businesses they like.

By contrast, bad experiences are often talked up. Many marketing websites state that the vast majority of bad experiences are shared via word-of-mouth and social media. You can use this to your advantage in finding out which shops to avoid.

Check out the shop’s rating using the Better Business Bureau. For years the BBB has been the first tool to determine the quality of service consumers can expect for a given business. Both good and bad establishments can be found on this site. Businesses associated with the BBB have been screened and approved by the Bureau, and they are monitored. You can see if complaints have been lodged against the business and how, or if, the complaints have been resolved. Ratings give you an idea about the caliber of their service. An A+ is the highest rating a business can achieve and an F indicates an establishment you will probably want to avoid.

Another resource for determining which auto body shops you may want to visit is Angie’s List. This is a membership site that is good for a variety of local businesses. Angie’s List uses a certified verification procedure to ensure that the reviews you see are credible.

Some of the Top Auto Body Shops in South Florida

To help you find an auto body shop you can feel good about, we have supplied a short list of businesses that are consumer-friendly. South Florida has many; these are just few we have found helpful:

  • AMERICAN AUTO BODY– This shop can be found on Angie’s List. It also has a four-star rating on Yelp.

  • D’AMICO’S AUTO BODY –D’Amico’s is also one of the area’s top-rated shops. Yelp consumers have given it a 5-star rating.

  • ORTEGA’S ELECTRO BAKE AUTO – Another 4 star rated establishment, Ortega’s Electro Bake Auto has a reputation for doing excellent work.

  • WEST COAST AUTO BODY – This 5-star business offers free estimates for all your collision repairs.

  • JACKIE’S AUTO BODY – This body shop is well respected in the community and recommended by several consumers.

  • BUFFALO COLLISION – This is another 5-star collision center specializing in restoration of classic cars.

  • ANTHONY’S TOUCH OF CLASS COLLISION – With 4.5 – 5-star ratings on both Yelp and Google, this collision center provides consumers with pickup and delivery service.

When choosing an auto body repair shop, be sure to do some comparison shopping. We’ve only listed a few of the many great body shops in the Port Charlotte area. If you have damage to your car, we’d be happy to make some recommendations for repair shops. We also extend an invitation for you to contact us if you need representation to recover costs for damages. The law firm of Frohlich, Gordon & Beason, P.A. has attorneys who care. We are community members dedicated to the betterment of Port Charlotte and the surrounding communities. For highly skilled, good-natured attorneys who take your needs to heart, contact Frohlich, Gordon & Beason, P.A.