How many children love playing with their trucks and dream of becoming a truck driver when they grow up? Many of those children grow up to be adults behind the wheel of an eighteen-wheeler and they love their jobs. The romance of the road seems to never grow tiresome for the truck driver unless it comes to a cruel and final end.

A Deadly Job

Nearly 750 truck drivers lost their lives on the road last year. While work-related fatalities have fallen slightly, they still remain high. Of all reported work-related fatalities, truck driving accounts for about a quarter of them. This is more than any other occupation in the United States.

Even when the decrease in fatalities is taken into consideration, the number has still risen 11.2 percent over the past five years. There is speculation that the rise is due to an increase of truckers on the road, making rapid deliveries. This expedited form of delivering goods is in direct response to more demand from online shopping. Trucking industry experts feel that the increase of truckers on the roads going to and from deliveries contributes to the escalating number of accidents and fatalities.

Unpredictable Conditions

Just about every worker has a good idea of what their work environment will be like. However, truck drivers and others who drive for a living don’t have that advantage. Road conditions are ever changing. Truckers have to be able to drive in all types of weather, and they have to be alert to what could be on the roads or streets at all times.

Another factor in truck driver safety has to do with the drivers’ compensation. It’s no secret that truck drivers are often on tight schedules, which encourages the use of substances to help them stay alert at times when they should be resting. Unfortunately, they often need to decide whether it serves them best to be productive or to be safe.

Lack of Safety Regulation

Automobiles have a plethora of safety features built into their designs. Technology is working to make cars safer every year. The same cannot be said regarding the crashworthiness of heavy-duty trucks. You may be surprised to learn that they aren’t required to have airbags. Even though the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) does not have tight standards for trucks, the manufacturers and suppliers are working to make the vehicles safer.

Despite that bad news, the trucking industry has invested in the technology to help make trucks safer on the road. They have also invested in training for those operating the rigs. This has led to an overall drop in fatalities over the last three, almost four, decades. According to, the American Trucking Association reports “the accident rate per 100 million miles driven has dropped 74 percent.”

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