Each time you go into a big-box store to do your shopping, you probably don’t think of yourself as being annoying or at risk of getting hurt. You walk past the forklift assuming the operator sees you and there is no real danger. Most of the time, there are no problems, but customers need to be aware of the dangers of being around a forklift in operation.

Give Them a Wide Berth

Don’t let your kids run rampant through the store when a forklift is in use. Forklift operators have limited visibility, and kids are hard to see. Additionally, kids may be curious about the vehicle and stand too close to it while it is in operation. Keep your kids safe by letting them know to stay away from the forklift because it is dangerous.

The back end of a forklift swings wide when it turns. This means you need to give the vehicle a wide clearance. Forklifts are steered by the back wheels, not the front, like a car. They don’t move in the same way a car moves. It is best to keep your distance.

Blind Spots

When a forklift is carrying a load, the driver has blind spots. People walking near one need to realize this and keep their distance. You will often see the forklift operator driving backward so he or she can see the area they are working in. If there is a load, it is best to assume you cannot be seen when near or in front of the forklift.

Forklift Load Instability

Items are put high on shelves or removed from high shelves with forklifts. Items can fall during the transition. The vehicle and the load being lifted or lowered may become less stable, depending on the weight of the items. To be on the safe side, stay out of the way.

Forklift drivers want customers to realize these machines can be dangerous. The drivers do their best to operate the vehicles safely; however, safety is a two-way street. Customers also need to do their part to ensure safety around forklifts.

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