The thought alone of being in a car accident invokes anxiety for many. Being prepared and understanding how to properly navigate any scenario involving an accident can help ease those tensions. A common question that tends to come up is, “Should I allow my car to be towed away from the accident scene?”

Though this scenario has several determining factors involved, this article will help bring you comfort in the chance of such an event occuring.

Here’s how to prepare for the possibility of your car being towed after an accident.

What Determines If My Car Will Be Towed From The Accident Scene?

There are a lot of steps that must be taken after an accident occurs, and if you’ve never been in that situation you may not be accustomed to all that it entails. The severity of the damage to your vehicle can determine whether your car is towed or not, especially if it is undrivable.

After a police officer has filed an official report at the scene they will call the tow truck for you. Depending on the coverage you have, your insurance will be responsible for paying for the tow truck that is used directly after the accident.

Sometimes you won’t have a say in where your vehicle is towed to, so it is possible that you will need to have it towed a second time to your preferred mechanic’s location. Additionally, there are storage fees in place when your vehicle is housed in a storage lot that accumulate daily. This cost for storage can quickly add up to hundreds of dollars.

Take time to revisit your insurance policy and check if you are covered for any reasonable towing. If the term “reasonable towing” is in your policy, it means your insurance will cover the towing and housing fees, but possibly only within a certain time limit. This is another important factor to consider.

Prior to moving your car to another location, call the insurance adjusters to assess the damage at the lot before it is moved. Any time you speak with your insurance adjuster, make sure to document the day and times, even if you attempted to call them and failed, this will ensure your rights are being protected throughout this endeavor.

What To Do Before Your Car Is Towed From The Accident Scene

Your claim can be impacted later on if you don’t take these important steps before your vehicle is towed.

One thing that should be noted is that Florida operates under a pure comparative rule. What this means is that parties involved in the accident share the blame. This was implemented in an attempt to reduce the quantity of car accident lawsuits being filed, this makes your primary claim at the beginning of your fight to your insurance provider.

With that being said, here are several important things you will want to accomplish:

Call Law Enforcement

Make sure your vehicle is not towed before law enforcement has had a chance to investigate the scene and note the damage. A role from the police in these situations is to write an unbiased report that your insurance adjuster and attorney may use as evidence in the future. Given that you are not severely injured to the point that you are unable to speak, call 9-1-1.

Speak To The Other Driver

If you are able to, you should exit your vehicle and attempt to communicate with the other driver involved. Obtain the following information from them: their name, contact information, and insurance information, in addition to the make, model, and color of their vehicle. In the chance that there are any witnesses around, you should also ask for their names along with a statement on what they saw.

Remove Valuables From Your Car

After the accident, and after completing the past two steps, if the police rule that your car is able to be driven home, then this step isn’t crucial. On the other hand, if it is determined that your vehicle is required to be towed, you will want to remove anything you deem valuable and important from your vehicle since it is very possible it could be days or weeks until you can have it back in your possesion.

Speak With The Tow Truck Driver

Some pieces of information you will want to receive from the tow truck driver include where they are taking your vehicle, how long it is expected to be kept, how much they charge, and anything else that is relevant to your situation.

Final Steps

The last thing you should do is be observed by a medical professional to make sure you have no direct health concerns as a result of the accident. Medical records obtained from the visit can also be used as evidence for your claim, and helps ensure your health is protected.

With this step completed, it is time to call your attorney to relay what happened, and speak with them about the accident before your insurance adjuster is contacted. If you don’t already have a lawyer you trust, use this time to find one.

What Happens After Your Vehicle is Totaled?

Several reasons could make this situation difficult. In Florida, residents are required to possess a certain amount of insurance to assist in covering the cost of vehicle damages. In some areas, if your vehicle is totaled from a collision, the party that is at-fault’s insurance will cover the costs up to the limit of the coverage.

Navigating your next steps for coverage and costs pertaining to a totaled vehicle can be guided by your attorney and insurance adjuster.

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Talk To A Lawyer Regarding Your Rights & Case

Dealing with a car accident is never easy, but if you’re not aware of your rights or what to do after the accident occurs, it can be even harder. In some instances, people will neglect contacting a lawyer until their case takes a negative turn. To make the process easier, it is recommended that you contact a lawyer before the case even begins.

The evidence for your insurance adjuster and potential lawsuit will be collected by your attorney. Your attorney will advocate for you if you are going up against defendants that also have capable attorneys.

You can receive solid legal advice from your lawyer regarding your next steps in a complicated case. In the circumstance that your case makes it to court, your lawyer will perform most of the work and mostly speak on your behalf to the necessary outlets.

In the unfortunate event that you find yourself in a car accident situation, don’t hesitate to contact the legal experts at FGB Law Firm in order to get informed about your rights.