After being injured in a car accident in Florida, one thing you should prioritize is reaching out to a trusted car accident attorney. The process of hiring a legal expert can be overwhelming, especially if you have never been in that position before. In order for your attorney to provide the best possible advice on helping you build and prove your case, a lot of information is required. To better understand your position, your lawyer needs to observe all the evidence you have up to that point and look at the accident from every angle.

Before fully investing in a car accident attorney, it’s worth noting that most firms offer free consultations or evaluations for your case. Your initial consultation is the beginning of a relationship between you and your attorney, so here’s what you should bring to ensure you’re starting off on a good note, and so your auto accident case can be reviewed properly by your attorney.

The Importance Of Hiring An Attorney

Given the fact that Florida has strict car accident laws, having an experienced car accident lawyer is very beneficial for your position.

Since Florida operates with the pure-comparative fault system, all the parties involved in a wreck share the blame, but it is possible that the blame will not be dispersed evenly. Because of this, in order to seek the needed and deserved compensation, you will need to go through your insurance company as opposed to filing a lawsuit. To be eligible for filing a legal dispute in Florida, you must have sustained a severe injury or have damages surpassing a certain limit.

Drivers in Florida are required to carry a minimum of $10,000 in personal injury protection (PIP) and property damage liability (PDL). You shouldn’t expect to receive the entire $10,000 though if you happen to find yourself in an accident.

Having an attorney on your side boosts your chance of a successful outcome significantly, whether you’re just filing for insurance or potentially filing a lawsuit. Attorneys possess expert knowledge on these matters and know how to build a strong case based on the information you provide.

Finding The Right Auto Accident Attorney

With an abundance of law firms, finding the perfect attorney for your case can prove difficult and stressful.

A good trait for a car accident lawyer to look for is communication skills. Cases can be quick and simple or prolonged if it’s more complicated. A trusted attorney will establish clear and transparent communication with you throughout the entire process so that you are always aware of what’s going on, and are being prepared for any possibilities that may arise.

Another factor to consider when shopping for the right attorney is their experience. Meeting with a lawyer who has proven experience navigating car accident claims and has a high success rate with their clients will help you feel confident and optimistic. Even though you might spend less money on an attorney with less experience you’re essentially making an investment for your future, so a lawyer with more experience has a better chance of getting you what you deserve.

6 Documents You’ll Need For Your Consultation

  • Police Accident Report, which is a vital piece of evidence showing an unbiased portrayal of your accident.
  • Medical Bills/Records, to show the details of your injuries and the way that they occurred.
  • Insurance Policy Document, providing a copy of your Declaration Page from your insurance provider will allow your attorney to note your coverage and the benefits you are entitled to post-accident.
  • Notes or Photographs from The Accident, jotting down notes about how things unfolded and/or taking photos of the accident scene can give great insight to your attorney.
  • Health Insurance Card, so your attorney can see the coverage and benefits you possess for medical purposes.
    Work Pay Stubs can assist in your attorney calculating additional compensation if you had to miss work and therefore lost income.

Being in a car accident is overwhelming enough, and the process that comes after only adds to the stress. Finding a reputable lawyer can alleviate some of the stress, and help you seek the compensation that you deserve.