When the temperature rises, people flock to the pools. Those not fortunate enough to have a pool in their backyards may choose to hang out at the nearest public pool. Taking a swim or wading in a pool is just the thing for cooling off when the mercury rises. Public pools can be very busy places, so it’s important to be careful to prevent injuries.

Slip and Fall Pool Hazards

The most obvious hazard is, of course, walking on a wet surface. Even though many public pools have designed the area around the pool to be slip-proof, accidents can still happen. If the pool area seems to be slippery, be extra careful. Being aware of the possibility of slipping makes it less likely to happen. Since it’s a public pool, not everyone will be as cautious or conscientious as you may be. There may be toys, towels or other obstacles are strewn around which could cause a person to trip and fall.

Spills of suntan oil can make the pool deck slippery, but that is not the only area to pose a hazard. Restrooms and changing areas are noted for slips and falls. Wet floors in these areas can be more slippery than the pool deck.

Other pool areas that could pose a hazard are diving boards and the steps leading into the pool. The facility’s equipment should be in good repair. Reasonable care should be taken to minimize the chances for slips, trips, and falls. Some problems are preventable.

If You Slip and Fall

Due to the high number of pools, both public and private, Florida has one of the highest rates of pool injuries. Public pools have to meet certain standards and abide by codes. Regular inspections are also required. So what happens if you do slip and fall at a public pool?

The first thing to do if you are hurt is seek medical attention. Falls on concrete or other hard surfaces often lead to concussions. Get checked out by a health professional to make sure any injuries you may have sustained due to the fall are addressed. Even what may seem like a minor bump on the head could be a serious problem.

An Ounce of Prevention

The owners of the pool have certain obligations to ensure the pool area is safe. Reasonable measures must be taken to make sure the area is slip-proof. At the same time, patrons need to do their part in preventing slips and falls. Being aware of potential dangers is one aspect of prevention. Making sure you don’t contribute to a hazardous situation, such as leaving towels or toys lying around or spilling tanning oil on the deck, is another aspect.

When you take into consideration that millions of people slip and fall every day and a number of these accidents happen around pools, especially in Florida, it only makes sense to be cautious at the public pools. At the law offices of Frohlich, Gordon & Beason, P.A., we specialize in personal injury. We represent clients in the southwestern Florida areas including Englewood, North Port, and Port Charlotte. If you have a personal injury case and would like a free consultation, give us a call. We are the lawyers who care.